We asked people about abortion. Their answers were powerful.

About 1,000 Americans, plus a handful of interviewees in Times Square, show that when it comes to abortion in the US, there’s a surprising gray area. For more, see the full feature:

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46 thoughts on “We asked people about abortion. Their answers were powerful.”

  1. I've never understood why people don't want to talk about topics like this, it's something we should all openly discuss to make it not seem so taboo

  2. This is a non-discussion. Having abortion legalized does not lead to more abortions, social environment does. Legal abortion just leads to safer abortions.

  3. See, my views are mostly pro-life personally, but I understand the want or 'need' for one and I am all for individual rights, so abortion being legal for the first trimester I understand not banning. One of my problems is that the US government subsidizes these abortions. Planned Parenthood has had too many issues on pushing abortions or trying to 'sell' abortions that I am not comfortable with tax dollars going to that marginalization. If a major reason in taking a life is cost, an abortion shouldn't have to be cheaper, statistically you are not paying the 200K+ dollars that are associated with raising a child. The high cost might deter some of the women who really aren't in a situation, they just regret the mistake, if that makes sense. An organization that has been seen to almost want women to get an abortion so they can get money I just dont want to trust.

  4. I'm from the Philippines and from what I can see here in our country– overpopulation,squatters(illegal settlers), poverty, crime rates and unemployment–i would support abortion

  5. its a life huh? so you never killed a fly, roach, stepped on a flower or ate anything that ever lived? bullshit argument

  6. This video was more insidious than the garbage thrown down our throats by the media. This video was simply trying to make people believe it doesn't matter whether you are pro-life or pro-death. That is much more dangerous than shoving plain old baby-slaughter. Of COURSE when given the choice, a large number of people were either neither or both Pro-life and pro-death. That's the entire point of the video. But all of those people were, at their core, pro-death. No exceptions.

  7. Luckily liberals are pro choice so the ones being killed are children of liberals. They probably killed off some conservatives though unfortunately because not all children born from liberals become as stupid as they are.

  8. You know another person like to Dehumanizing people. Adolf Hitler. Call it a lump of cells is dehumanizing.

  9. I support abortions and i like how even the Christians said it is the women's choice to have an abortion, I fully support the African american for saying that its there life and he's not going to make them think like him

  10. I'm pro-life in the sense that i'm anti-abortion, and I think society as a whole should leverage strong judgmentalism upon irresponsible people who kill our offspring out of convenience. But I'm prochoice in the sense that I understand the reality of people who are absolutely not ready to have and raise a child and that the decision is a difficult one. Ideally, it should be legal but remain a morally reprehensible act as seen by society as a whole and we ought to teach our kids responsibility, not to have unprotected sex outside of wedlock. That way we limit single motherhood and foster kids and we do away with the issue of the morality of killing categorically human beings. The thing i'm most against, is the far left trying to devalue the human status of fetuses. That's dangerous. You don't need to rationalize away the humanness of a baby to support the legality (not morality) of abortion. Abortion (first trimester only in my book) ought to be legal but remain immoral and condemned by society.

  11. I'm pro-choice because I feel like a woman should have the choice to carry another human around for the next 9 months and (most likely) take care of it for the next 18 years…. But I agree with that one guy at 1:27 that said by making illegal its making it more dangerous for women in this world.

  12. Being born doesn't make someone human life is life at every stage you don't say someone is more alive because they're older we're always developing and changing, that's what makes us human. Baby's develop at different rates, and pro choices draw and arbitrary line in the sand saying "from this point it's not human but here it is human" it's illogical

  13. I'm pro-choice, if a women doesn't want to have a baby which is a HUGE responsibility, she shouldn't be forced into it, or if she isn't in good conditions. It will change SO MUCH your body, life, and mindset. Even though seriously depending on the circumstances if i got pregnant i would want to keep it.

  14. Abortion is completely illegal in Ireland at the moment and the majority of people in the country want the law repealed. Banning it completely is just not the answer, about 8 women a day go over the England to access safe abortions. Realistically, people will do what they want to do, making it illegal just contributes to the woman's stress, but it can't really stop her

  15. I was Pro choice until I learned about how violent abortion actually is for the baby. Many abortionist quit because of how traumatic a
    It was sucking out babies piece by piece, many saw torn of parts of a babies and it was just too much. I can't support abortion unless it's early enough so that the baby doesn't have a beating heart yet, or its limbs ripped off its developing body.

  16. I think abortion should be illegal only if the person was NOT raped because if they had consensual sex they had a risk and they knew the risk and that's the consequence, getting pregnant. But if you were raped that's another story and also if getting or being pregnant causes harm to your body (ex. To the point you could die) or the baby won't make it then abortion is acceptable.

  17. People say that pro-life does not care about the life of a woman because she would go to a back alley abortion clinic and end up dying. Did we make her go. No, and most of the time the pregnancy does not in danger the life of the mother. I do agree that if their life is in danger or rape that they should get an abortion.

  18. I think it depends on the situation of if it should be life or aboration. If a lady gets raped than she should have the choice of an aboration.

  19. It's pretty simple if you think about it. Abortion is killing babies. Should it be legal? Well no, but yes. On one hand you would be legalizing the killing of babies and on the other hand if you make it illegal then you will have a similar number of abortions being done in an unsafe environment. I think i'm pro choice, but not because of the reasons most people are pro choice. I think most people who are pro choice just seem to think it's not actually killing. Most pro choice people are a bit delusional, so please don't put me in that category of people. I'm pro choice for statistical reasons. I would love it if people would just use a condom and stop killing babies, but if it must happen then it should be legalize to keep women safe and keep things regulated.

  20. Abortion is murder after 5 months, do it while the child has no consciousness, also dumbasses, birth control is a thing!

  21. One thing nobody ever address is labels. In the past the "not a human being" label was used in a variety of deplorable ways to assuage guilt we felt over inhumane treatment of other human beings. Sadly, little has changed over the course of human history. If you can't see the potential and value for everything that makes us human I truly feel sorry for you.

  22. the womens choice to not use a condom by having unprotected sex she is fully aware she could get pregnant if a women dont want a baby she shouldn't be having unprotected sex!!!!!!
    she made a choice to not use a condom
    nowing she could get pregnant! you can't kill a innocent soul for your own choice to have unprotected sex

  23. Freedom eh? So if someone has an abortion, what exactly is it setting you free from? And if it's "her choice", what she is doing is choosing to kill the baby so that she doesn't have to be bound by the RESPONSIBILITY…not the enslavement… of being a parent? So you were smart and responsible enough to have sex and now you want to get rid of the baby? People, we must grow up and turn back to God. What if your mother aborted you? That ok too? And the girl who said if you're christian you should let people do what they want and be ok with it? Where does the Bible say that? So i should be ok with it if someone decides they wanna kill my wife? That's absurd. And you have obviously made up a god in your own mind if you think Christians are so stupid that we just allow anything and it's okay. So if abortion is ok, then that means it's ok for someone to come kill you right now? No? Yes it is. I'm choosing to come and kill you. It's MY BODY… it's MY CHOICE. No?

  24. All this talk about everyone should have a choice in what happens to their body. So why doesn't the baby get a choice?

  25. I am pro life except in cases where the mother's health is in danger or whether she was raped. If you had sex and forgot to use protection that's your fault. You can get condoms or other forms of birth control at the nearest CVS store for cheap. Your stupidity shouldn't result in another life's death. Something needs to be alive to be killed. Furthermore, those who say its a lump of cells, your a lump of cells too. Just because at an early stage, its brain isn't functioning doesn't mean we can kill it. Would you kill a man in coma that you knew would come back in four weeks. In addition, those who say that the fetus isn't breathing. Would you kill a man who can breathe using a machine or needs a machine to beat his heart? Lastly those who say abortions should be allowed to the second before birth. So your basically saying that your going to stab and cut up baby that looks exactly like a week old baby except the difference is that one was in the women while the one was outside. They are exactly identical, but your willing to kill it just because of the fact that its not "born".

  26. Yes but what about all the eggs in the woman when she is born. Do you want to fertilise all of those too? Do you want that woman to have approx. 2 million children? I'm Christian too I'm both because the mother's life matters too. We already have so many problems with the world, like world hunger and poverty, and maybe we should start trying to solve those problems first.

  27. Force others to not abort or abort? Sure you can argue what is the standard of murder. But the point is there are many situations the adults involved in a human-making process does not intend to create a baby. If the law forces them to make decisions to give birth to a baby, then should the whole society or the government be responsible for raising the kids? Does that mean the kids are born to have no parents? Who takes care of them?

    Or is this sustainable to force the two adults to raise the kids when they are not ready financially? Or they neve plan to set up a family? Is forcing them to not abort a responsible decision? When you say the law saves a life, but does that mean the law destroys at least two other or more lives? Does the law has to force them to get married? If not, then who is forced to take care of the kid?

    There are a bunch of real problems following if you force them to give birth to the kids.

    Really, I can understand for many folks they support anti-abortion. But how does it actually work? Think about the questions above.

  28. I was pro choice in college but after hearing "never marry a girl who is willing to kill your son/daughter for her convenience sake", I became a pro life.
    I mean, life is a life isn't it?

  29. Abortion is murder. It is the killing of an unborn human child who is a person with the right to life. The mother has no right to murder. This is not only a women's issue because murder is a problem for everybody. It is about the child's right to life from the moment of conception under all circumstances. A woman has no right to choose to kill her child at any point.

  30. Outlawing baby murder is not taking away freedom. how can we be free if we do not even have the right to live?

  31. Pro choice, that's it. To anyone who says pro life, I want you to go out and adopt a child in foster care, sponsor a child who belongs to a poor mother, and personally give 20% of your annual salary to the welfare system.
    People will not stop having sex, getting pregnant and making poor decisions. Abortion is the one way to help after the fact.

  32. I am pro life and I'm open about it abortion is murder it's a human life your taking God made that baby and he doesn't want you to kill it

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