HOW TO SQUAT RIGHT FOR YOU (Stance/Foot Position/Elbows) Ft. Aesthetic Strength


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30 thoughts on “HOW TO SQUAT RIGHT FOR YOU (Stance/Foot Position/Elbows) Ft. Aesthetic Strength”

  1. Great Video! Thank you for the insight.  I am 6'1 long legs long arms short torso and I've struggled with the squat for years from trying to keep narrow leg/foot position from what trainers have told me was correct stance.  I am going to definitely try to widen my stance and see how that works for me.

  2. Oh my god, I couldn't go deep in squat, I was leaning forward and my lower back hurted and now, after watching like million of videos, you finally told me that maybe I have too narrow stand. I really think that now I will be able to go down with my butt and help myself with more muscles than before. This is so fucking great, I see a hope. Thank you! <3

  3. You want knees trajectories aligned with feet else unnecessary moment arms and tensions.
    This guy is just wrong.
    Where is the mechanical analysis?

  4. Finally! Now I can get rid of this guy at the gym saying that my legs are not in good position even if I say I just can't do narrow squats.

  5. Absolutely fantastic video! One of the best I've seen breaking down the differences in biomechanics due to anatomy. There are certain things that can almost be blanket statements but these are very few and far between that's why I prefer my clients do 1on1 sessions to break down their anatomy and I will definitely be using the test shown here in future very simple and effective. Will be subscribing to both channels and following on insta!

  6. I struggle with squats, I tend to lean forward a lot and find that if I have my knees wide my toes go past my knees. I hear a lot of different views on how either "never let your toes go past your knees as its bad for your joints" I've heard some say that that doesn't matter. But any regular squatters I've seen so far has never let their toes go past their knees. I'm so confused ?

  7. Brendan and Omar this video is awesome! I'm new to squating and I'm not squating to my full potential, this is exactly what I needed!

  8. I always thought it was a simple matter of flexibility and training. I spent a whole summer intentionally doing body weight squats with my feet pointing forward. And now I squat with that form.

  9. I wish more crossfit coaches watched this video. A "knees out" cue that's thrown mindlessly by many crossfit coaches don't understand that one cue or way of doing things is not for every athlete. Valgus knee syndrome is bad, not saying that a "knee out" cue would be wrong there, but it doesn't apply to every situation. Thanks for the informative video.

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