Step By Step – New Kids on the Block – NKOTBSB tour – 2012-04-29 – London

New Kids on the Block performing Step By Step on the NKOTBSB tour at the O2 arena in London on April 29th 2012
Les New Kids on the Block chantent Step By Step pendant la tournée NKOTBSB à l’aréna O2 à Londres le 29 avril 2012


22 thoughts on “Step By Step – New Kids on the Block – NKOTBSB tour – 2012-04-29 – London”

  1. woah!!!! Jordan is still hot and sexy. I can't believe he sounds that good after so long. I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!! ??????

  2. I treat my 21 year old girlfriend like she deserves. I'm 14 years older than she is. She likes her daddy.. mmhh…… aaahhhh. I remember my big sister listened to this shit back in the day. it is almost fresh now when you hear it again.

  3. I am so amazed they still can sing and dance to this to perfection! thumbs up NKOTB!!!!!! Kudos to Jordan! his voice didn't fail him. He sounds really good

  4. When Back street boys came out i always though they are a mediocre copy of New kids and New kids a copy of Color me bad.
    New kids are 100 times better than Back street boys and N sync.

  5. I love BSB…. but NKOTB made them look like old farts that night! It's just amazing that they can still keep up such high energy when performing live, and they al look so lean and healthy 😮

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