Will Jogging Make My Muscles Disappear?


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41 thoughts on “Will Jogging Make My Muscles Disappear?”

  1. sprinting: makes your calves, quads, and hams bigger and more defined

    jogging: burns fat and keeps you in shape

    i'm naturally a skinny dude so i do both 2 twice a week on leg days. works great for me 🙂

  2. hello man i have a question too i played soccer from a long time now i want to do gyming for bulk body building is it possible can i gain more muscle

  3. I've been running for 4 miles everyday and then hit weights as well or I hit the weights first and then I run 4 miles at 8.8 mph, I'm benching 195 (my own weight) on and off working out but also I workout at home all day and then I go run 4 miles around the whole hood

  4. I'm glad you said that. I'm a long distance runner getting into strength training and decided to go for a 4 mile run. I've been getting pumped from the weight training and love it. Got back from the run and it was like you described, flat. Glad I haven't lost my gains so far. Thanks.

  5. I run 6 miles every day while trying to gain some weight… I also go to gym. Right now I am still gaining, but you are saing it might be faster without the run? I feel like the running gives me a lot of stamina. I also want to lower my heart-rate. Btw I am skinny as hell with only 6% of body fat. I needed to put up about 44 lbs to get somewhat my ideal weight – until now I got 9 lbs.

  6. You won't lose gains from running 3 miles. You will if you run a Tough Mudder.


    Your body only understands work, and how to make that work more efficient for itself.

    If you are doing a fair bit of strength work and muscle building, you are telling your body it requires the muscle to do the work.

    If you are doing not much strength work but are running, running, running all the time, the body registers that these large muscles you have are generating a lot of waste product which is making the work of running harder.

    So because the volume and frequency of the running is so much greater, it actually thinks, based on the work you are making it do – not what is going on in your mind – that you are prioritising the running. So it breaks down the muscle to make the job easier.

    So the myth of cardio ruining gains is not a myth: But it is an extreme.

    You basically have to do so much cardio and send such slight and infrequent signals to stimulate muscle growth that you force the body to start overriding the necessity to retain muscle.

    That is why every Olympic marathon runner is so tiny.

  7. What if I jog everyday. Does my leg muscle decrease? Should I let my leg muscles rest a day from jogging? Of course i have my leg day and I also jog after my workout, I dont want to over work my leg muscles so if jogging everyday slows dowwn or prevent leg growth can anyone tell me?

  8. yo Elliot,hope u well,been watching Ur videos for time! please don't worry (i dought u are) about elge intensity,he has a V V V smart mouth and brain gotta give him that! but all he does is give ppl shit,Ur better than him in every way,if he keeps on taking the piss challenge him to an mma fight!! i think the world would love u to kick is ass!!

  9. thats not real i was progressing so slowly when i was running 4 km everyday and when i stopped running , my gain was really better , it's not just a question of the glycogen there is also a problem of the interruption of the muscle relaxing when you run

  10. Wrestlers jog all the time and boxers heavyweights etc MMA artists, all muscled as hell.
    I think endurance only kills muscle if you are doing triathlons and like EXTREME endurance, which virtually no one does, the scare stories are unfounded.

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