How to Draw Cartoons From Letters (Step By Step for Beginners)

Today, I’m going to demonstrate how to draw a cartoon character from my new book, “Drawing Cartoons Letter By Letter.” We’ll take the letter “a,” and turn it into a cool guy cartoon character. We’ll go step by step to make this super easy for beginners. Artists, cartoonists, manga artists and everyone else will enjoy this fun approach to character design. Using the alphabet to create cartoony faces is a fun way to learn how to draw.

For those who are loyal readers of mine, thank you so much for joining me again for this video. For those joining me for the first time, let me introduce myself by telling you that my name is Christopher Hart, and I’m the leading author of drawing books. My books have sold over 7 million copies and are translated into 20 languages. Now, enjoy the video!

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26 thoughts on “How to Draw Cartoons From Letters (Step By Step for Beginners)”

  1. I love your videos, they are amazing. I think you should also do challenges on your channel like, 3 color challenge or right hand only challenge??

  2. Merci beaucoup Mr Hart pour vos vidéos qui m'aident beaucoup !

    1 / Would it be possible to make a simplified character from a photo ??

    Sabel from France ( Marseille city)

  3. oh! nice .,it was small letter a after the capital letter A ..that was amazing..,wish the time of length of uploading videos were less..keep it up..give the next letter ,capital letter B…reply sir..

  4. love your videos!! I was looking for exactly this kind of content!!! love from India and never stop posting stuff!!

  5. I need some advice.
    as a freelance illustrator/designer, is it possible to make print worthy work using traditional methods such as pencil, ink pen? I am asking as I am primarily a character designer and i also play around with comic books, and I get hired to work on logos, characters and most recently print worthy commissions.
    I have a LCD display tablet but I am not sure if i need it to achieve this standard of work.
    my goal is to be able to have work worthy of making prints and worthy for a client project.

    so my question is do I need to work digitally to stay relevent? or can I achieve all of this using more traditional methods.
    I have recently tried scanning traditional inked work into both photoshop and manga studio but some how it loses some of its crisp quality through this process, where as digitally inks are crisp straight away.

    what is your opinion/experience with this?

  6. hey chris, love your vids. I was wondering if you could make a video about drawing hair and hairstyles. thanks! P.S. hair is the hardest thing for me to draw.

  7. I love your books, you are one of my favorite artists. Happy to find you on Youtube. I'm going to watch every single video you've ever made.

  8. Letter by letter was a great idea there should be more people like you innovating in the art world really chuffed and can't wait to get the book and try it out!

  9. Well I'm a beginner I just took up drawing but I get mad I can't do nothing .if I look at something I can draw a little or a book ?

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