Tomato Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 59)


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Tomato sauce. It’s red. It’s hot. It tastes like tomatoes and other stuff combined together and then cooked. YUM.

Chop up some garlic and an onion (or skip the onion)
Saute that stuff in olive oil
Add in a can of diced tomatoes or real ones
Cook it for a while and add in some salt and pepper
Add in chilli flakes if you like it spicy
Chop up and add in some fresh basil. Or dry stuff if that’s all you have.
Eat it.


35 thoughts on “Tomato Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 59)”

  1. Leave out the oninio's and use only one piece of garlic (dont shreed it, leave it complete one piece) and leave it for 3 min cooking on the olive oil. Add the tomato to the pan. Salt and Pepper. And Add water if the tomato sauce if the sauce is getting to dry. remove the garlic piece once ready and add Parmesan Cheese.

    If you add a small piece of Nduja, and you got a fucking masterpiece. (total cooking time ~ 20 min, but with american tomatoes 40 min)

  2. Is vaginal erection as a men usual while looking at how you suck at cooking? Perhaps it's the ingredients you used, no more russian canned tomatoes.

  3. I hears Chad makes his tomato sauce out of his own organic tomatoes. Not that it matters or anything. Just wanted to get it out there.

  4. I think I fucked up. I couldn't find Russian tomatoes in Missouri, so I ordered some from this Georgian (county) website. When I got them, I cut one open and found a bunch of white powder. What did I do wrong, and can I still use this powder? It has a gasoline-like smell, and tastes kind of sour with a slight vinegar-y taste.

  5. I'm Russian so when I watched this video and he said "I choose Russian tomato" and I'm like "wait what? we have a sort of tomatos?" and after matroshka joke "o, OK that's funny:)"
    but now I watching this video again (after 2 weeks) and I'm like again "wait what?? we have a Russian tomatos?". ugh my memory is not good at all wtf!

  6. why put the garlic and onion to cook at the same time? shouldn't you put the onion first to avoid burning the garlic?

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