APPLE CAMPUS 2/APPLE PARK: March 2017 Update 4K


Take a breathtaking tour via drone of the Apple Park. Apple’s mega headquarters that is set to open in April 2017.

Recorded using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

Edited by Matthew Roberts

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38 thoughts on “APPLE CAMPUS 2/APPLE PARK: March 2017 Update 4K”

  1. jedes mal wenn ich ein update anschaue, stehen mir die tränen in den augen.
    das steve jobs die eröffnung seines war gewordenen traumes nicht mehr miterleben darf – zum heulen, oder?

  2. opening April 2017 ? Well, it's going to look unfinished as there is NO WAY you can make it all happen in just 1 month.
    Even the end of April will require an enourmous amount of effort.

  3. Hubris.

    Apple has gone from innovative and reliable product to complacency and boring and wonky. iPhone is woefully behind the pack in features, and iPhone 8 /X is being hyped for being waterproof, possibly, having wireless charging, and now, possibly, a curved screen? It's all been done already, and in the tech sector, is old news. Apple should be leading the pack, not following. I still remember the excitement with the intro of the Bondi blue iMac, which I bought the day of its release. Now, iPhone 8 is one step behind watching paint dry in terms of excitement and anticipation. Apple has become bloated, overpriced,(witness here what your iPhone purchase has funded) and will never be the company that they were under Jobs.

    Sorry for the negativity. The video itself is interesting, absolutely beautiful, and great to watch. Thank you !

  4. "… its new mega campus" not "it's"… . Otherwise the meaning changes: Apple has officially named: It's "mega campus" which it isn't. So, great videos, try to spell correctly 😉

  5. apple park?  why?  it is stealing from G. Paltrow and her first born APPLE!    you would see her in NYC taking apple to the PARK with her APPLE PHONE!!!      was she the MUSE for this naming…. QEI

  6. That's amazing! I'm happy for Apple and Tesla's new infrastructure. It symbolizes solidarity and commitment for the promising future. Now Apple needs leadership. Success is built on risk and cunningness. I don't see that in Apple at the moment. I do see this in Elon Musk. Looking forward to a great future.

  7. Matthew – The "Visitor's Center" label is showing the restaurant for Apple Employees only. The Visitor Center is across the street on N. Tantau Ave.

  8. Another great video Matt! Others i have watched are choppy in spots, yours is crisp and clean. Thanks for your updates

  9. This is amazing! After this is finished, can you please do construction footage of the Mexican border wall next?

  10. Maybe if they scaled down the all of the amenities and focused on costs, I wouldn't pay Apple $1000 a year. Google is okay in my book, they only get about $5 per month from me

  11. We are building a campus of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.

  12. 1:05""the visitor's center will have an apple store.""""…. which they already seen a million times, and a cafe.
    they want to see the campus yo!

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