Squats – 5 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid!



Squats are one of the best exercises out there to build your legs but it’s easy to make these 5 mistakes. In this video we’ll show you what common Squat mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Going Low Enough
2. Knees Tracking Inline
3. Lifting Your Heels
4. Rounding Your Back
5. Bar on Neck


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33 thoughts on “Squats – 5 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid!”

  1. to be fair most people ive seen when starting out don't even have the mobility to go that low they will gradually get it though…

  2. Great vid! I'll gladly share with a few of my clients because maybe your way of explaining it certain common miscues is better than mine or the visualization is more friendly. The only thing I would add is that when your knees pass the tip of your toes, it may also be due to having tight muscle group(s) in your posterior chain along with tight tendons or not warming/stretching out properly. I'm sure you both know this but that may be an idea for another video.

    Cheers from Miami!

  3. at problem #5 you guys created a new exercise! its a high bar squat with the low bar squat movement, and a deadlift combined

  4. Some kid I know was showing a girl "how to squat" she's clearly never done a squat and the kid threw a plate each side then he's going down with his knees straight and shaking lmao

  5. Thanks dude! I subbed because you guys are awesome and this vid was super helpful! I'm trying to get back into weight training after a back injury and definitely could use this to practice proper form. Thanks again DUDES!

  6. Lol the DON'Ts are hilarious and the knee advice was great thanks I've been have some trouble with my left knee doing that following your advice my knees no longer go in thanks a bunch 🙂

  7. You covered it all in performing a squat good job, if it where 6 mistakes I would've loved to see the mistake that people forget to breathe

  8. huh.. so I've been doing my squats slightly wrong the whole time, I've been taught to put my feet parallel to my shoulders, and facing forward, although with that I can't get my legs straight down to parallel with the ground, now I know yet another way I should do my squats, and this time get it right lol

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