Everyday Men Take The FBI Fitness Test

“Do we have to fight a criminal while we do this?”

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Jeremy Belanger

Garrett Mendez



46 thoughts on “Everyday Men Take The FBI Fitness Test”

  1. That was an police officer test..not FBI ..i did that … and i passed it..but the 1,5 mile run,,is the worse

  2. Well I managed to do half the tests on my mat at home.. 56 situps in 1 minute (without support) and 61 pushups in 50 seconds.. that gives me 12 points. Gonna have to go outside for the rest of it. I thought the FBI would have higher standards though, lol.

  3. I can run a 6 minute mile, a 9 minute 1.5 mile. Done 78 sit-ups in a minute, 47 push-ups in a minute, no lies. All at the age of 12.. Even though I've played baseball for 8 years, swim for 3, and dance for 6. I guess that's why I'm fit lol

  4. Wow, if you can't do that in an Australian primary school, everyone would call you a loser! WTF Americans are so weak!

  5. Guys correct me if I'm wrong but their forms on the push-ups aren't right. It's like cheating push-ups. But do they count it as real push-ups in the real FBI test?

  6. I like how on 1.5 mile you guys got around 10 mins and my friend Ben got like 7 mins today and he's only 13

  7. Frickin for all it's worth their were kids in my elementary school who got 70 to 80 push ups and then were told to stop though they could keep on going

  8. FBI want to see how mentally unstable one is or test them to see how much of a psychopath they are and if they are legit crazy then yes they will get the job !!

  9. This is how weak I am
    I can only do
    40 sit ups
    20 push ups
    Running cappacity: unknown
    BTW im 13 and I can't do much ????

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