This Woman Created a Programming Language with Privacy Baked In

Meet Jean Yang, the Innovator Under 35 who’s programming security into everything—even calendars:



21 thoughts on “This Woman Created a Programming Language with Privacy Baked In”

  1. I don't get it? So what is that privacy frame work she is working on or has implemented in her apps? Security is so ambigous in CS. I am confused as to whats so special about her secuirity frame work or class she created.

  2. Two things:

    1) This video no where mentioned what the title implies.
    2) Why does the title mention gender? How about "This Engineer Created a Programming Language with Privacy Baked In"

    The title thing may be a little nitpicky. Sure, it could have no intention behind it, but with the gender emphasis in engineering it's hard to have that assumption. I find it annoying because, well, every girl I have classes with find it annoying as well. I think most WOMEN who are engineers don't give a shit about this emphasis on their gender. In fact, from the female engineers I know they find it quiet fucking annoying. It undermines their success. It implies lowered expectations. No different than you see videos like "This 6 year old whiz kid discovers x, y, and z." Those imply it's abnormal for a kid to be super intelligent. While these videos imply it is abnormal for a women to be an actual successful engineer.

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