Step by Step (1991): Where Are They Now?

find out what ever happen to the 1991 tv show, Step by Step


30 thoughts on “Step by Step (1991): Where Are They Now?”

  1. Awesome show.  I've been watching it on the HUB Network every week night at 10 for the past couple of months. They just played the very last 2 episodes of the last season the other night (Season 7).  I hope they restart from the first season again instead of replacing it with another show.   Cool show from my High School years in the 90's. 

  2. You say the amusement park is Six Flags Magic Mountain.  If that's the case, they must have matted-in the shoreline, because Magic Mountain is miles away from the Ocean.  😉

  3. i actually moved sme items of patrick duffy  he lives in malibu california  a piano and some dining room chairs and some wine  from 1982 i kept the loggo a the wine hes a really cool guy him and his wife

  4. if I was a boy I would totally have had a crush on Dana. As much as I liked Karen I thought Dana was better looking and Al got really pretty when she got older I liked how she turned into a woman. But as a girl I can honestly along with JTT, Devon Sowa and Shawn from BMW I even had a childhood crush on Cody and J.T they were so cute in this show

  5. I'm 18 and your trying to say that I was 7 years old in 2011? LOL I don't think so. Also my dad was never divorced …

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