Top 10 TRAGIC Deaths in Animation

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 TRAGIC Deaths in Animation”

  1. Ace's Death from One Piece

    Naruto's Parents Death from Naruto

    Master Splinter's Death from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

    Optimus Prime's Death from Transformers

  2. I haven't watched Attack On Titans, and when I saw that Titan eat that mom, I'm just like WTF!


    Kamina's death from TTGL will always stay with me, I remember how much it broke me

  4. Future Gohan's death from Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks.

    Yeah, death is pretty meaningless in Dragon Ball these days (since they can just use magic orbs to resurrect anyone at any time, and even when they do die it's basically a free workout with the gods), but that doesn't mean the series hasn't had its emotional moments. Honourable mentions go to Krillin's death in the King Piccolo saga, Piccolo's sacrifice in the Saiyan saga, Goku's sacrifice in the Cell saga and Vegeta's sacrifice in the Buu saga, but Gohan's was truly the saddest .

    History of Trunks takes place in an alternate future timeline where the Androids have killed off most of the main fighters, leaving only Gohan and Trunks. As they're about to face off against the androids, Gohan knocks Trunks out cold before heading off to fight the androids solo. Needless to say, he gets his ass kicked and is murdered by the two androids. When Trunks comes to, he looks for Gohan only to find his lifeless body lying face down in a ditch like a pile of trash, as if the androids saw him as nothing. No drawn out goodbyes or final words, he's just there one moment and gone the next. Devastated that his only friend (besides his mother) and father figure throughout his life is gone (with no Dragon Balls to revive him) Trunks breaks down and ascends to Super Saiyan.

  5. The Clannad part should be #1. It's traumatizing when you think about. The father loses his only child AFTER losing his wife and such. Talk about scarring. Also. I'd recommend you watch the anime in Japanese with English subs. It's just that the Japanese audio seems to have way more emotion (my opinion, obviously). Thanks for reading. ^^

  6. Crunchyroll is not as good as i was told. i was forced to watch 12 advertisements every episode, and sometimes the episode wouldn't even load. Crunchyroll is known for having no advertisements, yet i've seen more ads that aren't even theirs than actual episodes

  7. Every time I watch the death of Erin's mom I can't help but hear "Red like Roses" from RWBY. Then I begin to cry profusely and curl up into the fetal position.

  8. omfg i knew stoick would be in here!!!!!!! i loved him so much, he had so much character development to go through and they just cut him off like that!

  9. Little foots mother was a good choice for number one. I literally started crying my heart out as soon as you mentioned it.

  10. oh god, please do not start covering anime on your channel. Your channel is amazing as it is, it really doesn't need anime bogging it down.

  11. This is the last time I click on a Top 10 video. This is click bait and I have too much respect for you to watch these.

  12. Holy shit, finally someone agrees with me on this one. Little Foot's mom dying was the sadist and even the reasoning that saber gives is why I believe so. Little foot watching her die, not only that, but she spoke to him. She told him to keep going, but he sits there not understanding why. Simba asked his dad to wake up, but scar was there to tell him he wasn't (And blame simba for it). Bambi called for his mother, but his father came and told him she can't here him anymore. Little foot had no one. He was alone and confused. He had to learn through out part of the movie that she wasn't coming back.

  13. In 03, Ninas death was really emotional because of the many episodes we spent with her but Maes Hughes and Greeds deaths in Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood were way sadder in my opinion :'(

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