8 Stages of Marathon Running


From excitement to despair to elation in 26.2 miles.
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From the excitement of Mile 1, to the shock of Mile 5 and the despair of Mile 19, nothing’s quite like the emotional roller coaster of running a marathon. This cartoon takes a look into the mind of a first time marathon runner as he experiences everything from Runner’s High, Runner’s Trots, and hitting “The Wall,” all over the course of 26.2 miles.


Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod


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34 thoughts on “8 Stages of Marathon Running”

  1. I was like wtf a marathon is 42 kilometers how did he finish in 26 kilometers and then I noticed it said miles

  2. well i have something similar but on a bike but i dont hit the wall.My muscles hurt even when i stop i was on bike for 10+ hours no food no water.I get scared because i dont feel tired and just keep going like a engine.I think my body starts to consume muscles for energy.Next 4 hours my legs hurts and the next day i dont have muscle soreness but i get tired fast

  3. 1:18 "Aw great… the runner's trunks???" Or what did he say?
    Is that when he loses control of his bowels and bladder, and shits himself??

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