TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round

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51 thoughts on “TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round”

  1. you are such a f**** idiot you can find the Earth's curvature where dumbass I want to f**** see it across the ocean how about across the Salt Flats how about one someone bills at 26 mile bridge and they don't have to f**** get any extra material because there's no curvature

  2. we have people all across the face of the Earth not around the globe I want to know something can you walk around at table yes you can in a circle but you can't walk around the table from underneath and on the other side on the top why

  3. I dont care what flat earth-ers said, i dont care to those scumbags, BUT I STILL BELIEVED IN MY FAITH!, EARTH IS ROUND!!!!!!!!!! .

  4. Errrr, You DO NOT HAVE PHOTO IMAGES. There is not one single true image of the earth that has not been digitally mastered  by man. NASA has even stated this? That all their images are digitally created from different smaller fragmented pictures.  As a person who sits on the fence of flat or globe I could pick your arguments apart but your biggest fail is to claim we have photographic evidence. We DONT!

  5. There is no such thing as flat or globe earth or persons as flat earthers or globe earthers but "real earth" and how the eys can perceive the phenomena we see. Check your video at min 1.50 exactly and tell me that our eyes can see, in copmarison to what your camera sees and tell me if the marker of yours is actually straight or bent. This is actually the fact about how our eyes see, they have a light wave resolution angle as term on how far a human or animal can see and there is no such thing as curvature.

  6. The fact this video was even necessary reflects a sorry state of affairs and disinformation running rampant, successfully.

  7. Flat earth people…. Honestly I just have one question. How on Earth would this remain a secret for so long? It would take tens of millions of cooperative people to make it work. If you think that's possible then I have no words for you. I'm simply dumbfounded that you can imagine such nonsense and proclaim it as reality with nothing to go on. Zero evidence. None. Just a bunch of people who couldn't science out of a paper bag telling you it's true. Can you see why you're ridiculed? This is all simply insane!

  8. It's really fucked up how some people literally still believe that Earth is flat when there are so many evidence showing that it's not.
    Earth have never been flat and never will be.
    Man! This is not the 1500's anymore. Grow a brain!

  9. science is bullshit an rilegeon is bullshit the earth is what it is an no one will ever have proof not even N.A.S.A with all there cgi bullshit documentrys. but flat seems a bit more realistic especially the fact planes cant an never have taken these very time an fuel saving short cuts it has on its globe. why fly 27+ hours from south america across every country stopping to refuel to get to australia when it could just pop round the back an meet australia in a matter of hours. there is clearly only one option, all the way there an all the way back.

  10. this guys voice sounds exactly like that moron promoting drugs, DMT all over the internet, an illuminati scumfuck shill, proof positive the earth is not flat, fucktards cant find a more fag voice lmao

  11. the flat earth society got more proof then that bs. like the the ships don't disepier over the curve just get a good Camara with a good zoom in and you'll bring that ship back to view and that last proof you guys showed it's fake Mr blue marble drew it and photoshopped

  12. Sorry but the flat earth society got more proof then that bs. like the ships don't disepier over the curve just get a good Camara with a good zoom in and you'll bring that ship back to view and that last proof you guys showed the whole world from far away that it suppose to be number 1 it's fake Mr blue marble drew it and photoshopped look that up in YouTube because the news won't tell you the truth.

  13. If this is the best you got then the Flat Earth is going to win this debate. 10. We see lights in the sky there is no such thing as planets. 9. Timezones work on the Flat Earth as well so this is a moot point. 8. Because you use the Coriolis Effect as a proof show that you are willing to use fiction as this has never been proven in fact all tests that have been done to show this have proven that the earth is stationary. 7. Seriously, no one has done that triangle test in real life it. 6. This test is a moot point as it makes 2 assumptions that the earth is Ball and that the sun is so far away the the rays come in parallel. The reality is the sun is close and the effect can been shown on a flat surface. 5. Polaris is always at the center of the stars rotation. This is not possible on a Ball. Also if we were spinning around the sun once every year then we would see different constellations every season, but we don't. The heavens declarer the flat earth. 4. If you use a compass or look at the starts they always point to the center. So if you go east or west you will go around in a circle. If you want to prove a Globe you need to go over the north pole and the "south pole". By the way there is no such thing as a south pole. 3. Look up Rob Skiba and the sun set, it is light refraction. a 2 dollar magnifying glass a paper image and a table can show how this works on a flat earth. Of better yet lie down on flat football field and have a friend walk away from you and see their legs disappear. 2. What his is not telling you is that they clam the sun reflects off the moon, and therefor is of the same nature of light, but the moon light is cold not warm. So the moon is clearly not reflecting the suns light. So whatever is causing this effect is not the earth blocking out the light from the sun to the moon. 1. Hahahaha, no they have not even Nasa admits they are composites. The one he showed has been proven 100% to be faked in the documentary a funny thing happened on the way to the moon. If you compare the official images the sizes of the continents change drastically. Start doing research and you will see that there is a better case for the earth bing flat than a Globe. P.S. The Earth is Flat and Round; however it is not a globe, a ball, or an oblate spheroid! Research Flat Earth!

  14. THANK YOU. Im still curious though btw i was on a live stream of nasa going up to space to see earth and i asked "Does this look flat or round to you guys? ?" and the owner deleted my message and put me in timeout and also a girl commented "FLAT EARTH THERE YA GO" and he did the samething…. but i believe the earth is round.

  15. Keep Reason Alive! Support videos like this one that oppose the ignorance of the Flat Earth Propaganda.

  16. that's what scientists and other people think but one things that I predict about the shape of earth and its is RECTANGLE SHAPE THAT'S IT.

  17. he said we have pics but Nasa admits they are all cgi pkease explain and dont say they take strips and put it together explain why all Iss footage is dpne in undetwater pools and the 6 fake moon landings.

  18. I believe in the round Earth "Facts" but even if the Earth was "flat" it couldn't be "flat" due to mountains hills and all that because flat means like flat as in well I can't explain it but flat, it wouldn't have any bumps
    So if you're trying to name a fake theory try and name it better

  19. Haha I like the last one because we have photographs your a fucking stupid robot. Why are all nasas picture cgi then and explain apollo 11

  20. so the only reason why I don't see Rocky Mountains is because the earth is round- WOW. how dumb they think WE are

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