Top 10 Chris Farley Moments

Top 10 Funniest Chris Farley Moments

Chris Farley was a comedic genius who could make anything funny. He is missed in the comedy world, but his most hilarious moments and performances will live on. WatchMojo picks the ten funniest moments from Chris Farley’s short career.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. The Bat “Black Sheep”
#9. Lunchlady Land “Saturday Night Live”
#8. The Bus Driver “Billy Madison”
#7. Schmitt’s Gay “Saturday Night Live”
#6. Bennett Brauer “Saturday Night Live”
#5. Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals “Saturday Night Live”
#4. Japanese Game Show “Saturday Night Live”
#3. ?


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  1. I didn't laugh at a single thing. Reminds me of Amy Schumer, fat, ugly, humor involves yelling and putting emphasis on said ugly body, the only stuff leftists find funny (they haven't changed even over the last few decades, how sad)

  2. Yeah, you gotta be more generous with the clips, Mojo.And I wish you had included the How Much Ya Bench skit with Emilio Estevez.  It was one of the best lines I've heard on SNL when Farley concluded a tearful, angry rant with "…GOD, I'M NOT ON STEROIDS!!!"

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    SS MOOK2 months ago
    Nicole Rawkins. Well la di frickin da. Who cares what you think
    zionironliongaming152 months ago
    Awesome Foxayyy ???
    Bob Frankenstein
    Bob Frankenstein2 years ago
    Fat guy in a little coat…. Seriously isn't on here???
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    Danny O
    Danny O2 years ago
    They put his role in Tommy Boy as a whole.

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