A Day in Our Life: Harvard Swimming


Quick look into the daily practice routine of Harvard Swimming and Diving.
Check out the 2016 video here:

Filmed and edited by Spenser Goodman (@spensergoodman)


48 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life: Harvard Swimming”

  1. If you are over 40 don't try this! They are in shoulders injury danger! Go swim one mile every day for your rest of your life! (at least 90)

  2. dude cmon i know what they were trying to do with the intro, but it didnt work, it was literally just random flashes withou beats or anything

  3. Non-swimmers look at their dry lands and say "I thought this was a swimming video and I could totally do that"
    As a swimmer I say "Dang that dry land looks mad hard"

  4. So at 3:18 the swimmer went from butterfly to free – did a turn without touching the wall – is that legal in the U.S. during sanctioned races?

  5. I know these guys work fucking hard but all these videos do is make people feel bad about their lives. I mean look at these guys, I bet all of them are rich or at least close, all very handsome, good bodies and even perfect skins like no cellulitis and no stretch marks. What kind of problems a guy like this can have like seriously….. :/

  6. wth so these people are super clever AND athletic. there was me thinking you could only be one and everyone at good schools had zero athletic ability. life sucks

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