Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future

These are ten most promising alternative energy sources of tomorrow.

It’s a really exciting time to be alive. We have a front row seat to the only known transformation of a world powered by dirty fossil fuels, to a planet that gets its energy from renewable, clean sources. It’s happening just once, right now.

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10. Space-based solar power

9. Human Power

8. Tidal Power

7. Hydrogen (fuel cells)

6. Geothermal heat from underground lava beds

5. Nuclear Waste

4. Solar windows

3. Bio-fuels (algae)

2. Flying wind farms

1. Nuclear fusion


40 thoughts on “Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future”

  1. Our greatest limitation is due to our economic model. Cooperation is far more effective than any amount of competition. Money for science would be abundant if we weren't continually feeding the arms machine.

  2. i really appreciate all the sources of power supply for the future, which is a welcome development on source of energy power supply generation.

  3. The end of LFTR is something we can thank Richard Nixon for. Time to resurrect it in the US now. China is already doing it.

  4. With my understanding of fast reactors, they are pretty dangerous and expensive, if something our energy problems would be solved with thorium reactors

  5. Background music excellent…volume of music wonderful …I could still hear you lol….very enjoyable vid….Thanks for your post.

  6. Number 7 hydrogen; In this context, hydrogen is not an energy source. It is an energy carrier. You need more energy to seperate the hydrogen from the other elements than you get out of its reactions.

  7. Number 1 – fusion; The solution that has the potential to solve all energy problems until the heat death of the universe.

  8. I'm young and i love technology and really good at math and science! Maybe… Just maybe i could be the next leading scientist of finding a new energy source that man kind hasn't seen before and that would end the worlds needs of more power!

    What ever happens to earth… Stays in earth, it can either go in a worst way possible or a good way destination to the future that wed been hoping for…

  9. oil interests will find a way to kill competition courtesy of homeland security lobbying on steroids covert financing and mafia style influence etc

  10. "A fuel capsule gave off more energy than applied to it." How is that possible if it is said that energy can't be created or destroyed?

  11. The sodium reactor is not "new". It came around in 1960s or 1970s and was used with thorium to make a near waste less power plant. However the Americans didn't want to take a risk and scrapped the project.

  12. sux thorium isnt possible as congress wont allow uranium to be used for this and not exciting enough 3 years later as the energy crisis is still the same

  13. Thorium fuelled nuclear reactors cooled with liquid sodium seem a good option for large scale energy production to me. Thorium is much more abundant than Uranium and it's safer without the dangers of a reactor core meltdown. There's far less nuclear waste too, and the waste that is produced can be reprocessed and reused. There is estimated to be enough Thorium to sustain this form of energy production for around a thousand years.There are no carbon emissions either with this form of power generation. The only down side is the large initial cost of constructing the power plants. Though this can be said for nearly all other forms of power production.

  14. no 2. flying wind farm. how much cost will it take to install it in a area covered with hill and himalayas? can someone guide me about this please. i'm planning for this installment

  15. The BAT is massively overhyped. It is said to produce twice as much power as an equally sized windturbine. That is not impressive, concidering how small the turbine is, and how much other equipment is needed. I am very sure that the BAT will not manage to produce energy at less than 10 times more expencive than conventional wind turbines, and probably much more expencive than that. This makes the BAT a complete scam.

  16. What is the exitement with Hydrogen? It is estimated that 70-80% of the energy will be lost in first producing the hydrogen and then to convert it into energy in the car. This means that one can run 3-4 electric cars at the same energy as one hydrogen car. And then one needs a massive infrastructure development in addition. This makes hydrogen as fuel for cars really, really stupid.

  17. They should have started with the nuclear power stuff, everything before that is puny, and the first item states that in an hour the planet gets as much energy as human activity uses in a year. The planet is getting warmer, not because of the heat of industrial power production, but because its gaseous products interfere with the fact that every hour the planet has to rid itself of the same prodigious amount of energy.

  18. Get you facts straight. What the YT video call PUMP, the oil cartels are financing anti alcohol propaganda. Do you know before alcohol we had tons and mountains of corn not being sold. Farmers were paid not to grow corn. No body is taking food production land away. Corn after it has been fermented is fed to cattle. What do you think they do with field corn. Feed it to cattle. Why not make alcohol from it instead. Alcohol is a regional fuel. If the gov was really serious, we all be driving flex-fuel cars. And all the gas stations would have E85. They claim it takes a gallon of gas to make an gallon of alcohol. They don't include the millions spent finding and drilling for it.

  19. It really amazes me that you know so well about these investigations, I would think you are a scientist (I am a student of physics)

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