Nutrition / Meal Preparation | Furious 60 | Week 2


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49 thoughts on “Nutrition / Meal Preparation | Furious 60 | Week 2”

  1. im a guy, 6"5 over 400 pounds. Trying to do this what you're doing. Would eating brown rice be better for a person like me? Everything else looks great.

  2. this video is too long and too confusing, and the music is too loud and they havnt Eq'd his voice over the master properly. can't he just give us some acutally diet plans

  3. Hey guys to those who are meal prepping, how many days can one store the cooked food in the fridge for? Do we put in the fridge for more than 3/4 days?

  4. LMAO I love this…..watching the video as on the side bar my next furious pete video recommendation is "6lb truck eating challange" 8,000+ calories with petes face real big on it! lol…i love this guy

  5. Nutrition? I see no nutrition here. Scarce veggies and no fruit. And meat causes cancer. A full weeks worth of cancer growth is what you have there.

  6. In 1980’sThere was a kosher slaughterhouse near garretson and they use to butcher the cows they drain the blood and your see the thyroid it would be white then and they remove to and sell it to pharmacies they then used that thyroid to make the pharmaceutical to treat thyroid dentifrices with ! so you can see how the blessing of keeping God laws benefited the kosher slaughterhouse in many ways one they made extra money , and those who were thyroid illness were those who weren't eating the kosher slaughterhouse meats , but non e kosher slaughterhouse meat as evidence forensic file lasted episodes told of this in the video the kosher slaughterhouse went out of business there and a non-kosher slaughterhouse came in the people who eat the hamburger meat 90 % lean hamburger all got sick with all the same illness symptoms and sought medical treatment for it was so bad that hey economy almost went bankrupt because they couldn’t work, the CDC center for disease control checked out what was affecting the people there was it in the water supply or why is this sudden illness happening to those out break communities in that area , they discovered that the new slaughterhouse meat left the thyroid in the meat the cut through the neck muscle and not be seeking the thyroid because the blood was still in the meat and not white and they grind the thyroid up in the hamburger and the people ate it and they all had high thyroid in their blood and was sore and dilating illness all alike , no one thyroid was enlarged like gorder of the 1920 a free clinic mayor opened to remove these thyroid enlarged gorders from poor folks when the people corrected their diet and they added iodine to their diet they got over the thyroid gorder enlargement lump in neck FDA wrote in to law after this slaughterhouse tainted meat source mixing thyroids left in bloody meat discovery orders that now on all thyroid must be removed from the meat and do that it not ground up in the meat which had been making people sick ! Leviticus Deuteronomy &30 ,ten commandments Revelations 17 -23 chapters the sting of sin is death the strength of sin is the laws of God! sin first reaps anguish and tribulations and corruption in the flesh and afterwards death id not confesses and forsaken at the cross of Christ from practicing that sin living any longer in it! Taste and see Gods word is good!

  7. Hi Pete, I appreciate this is an old video now and my question will come across as very 'newb' but I am about to start P90X and follow it up with Body Beast (both by beachbody)

    I do not have the money to maintain the diet plans that come with both workouts so I am wondering if you believe this meal plan in your video would work for both of these workouts and how you would change them between those two workouts?

    thanks in advance!

  8. thanks for pointing out the portions. I've been killing myself and really trying to figure out how much of carbs how much of protein I should add but you pointed that out pretty good and 1 cup dmsoinds good to me ! thanks buddy

  9. A lot of stuff I see in this video is related to cancer in my mind. And plants do contain protein. It is not vegetables and protein, vegetables contain the most easy digestible protein there is for humans. And microwave? Well, it is not entirely clear, but rather not.
    Chicken breasts? Dude, that's like smoking cigarettes. It is presented as healthy, and all that. But a lot of stuff you eat is not related to my opinion, but facts. And the facts don't look good. And cheap plastic containers? Good investment? Dude, I'm sorry, but you don't know shit. Even those containers could be a source for health problems. Put it in expensive German glass containers, or whatever, never budget on health, never.

  10. I allways buy my meat from the butcher because they are way cheaper and 'healthier' but obviously there arent any macros mentioned anywhere is it okay to take the average amount of macros from the internet for specifik meats?

  11. Are there good alternatives for red meat? Because i really don't like the taste.
    Whenever i try to eat it i retch/puke automaticly..

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