India in PANIC MODE as Cash is Running Out! Demonetization Creating Civil Unrest!




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ATMs run out of cash in north coastal AP | Visakhapatnam News – Times of India

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Gold Price Today | Price of Gold Per Ounce | 24 Hour Spot Chart | KITCO

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Hacker documents show NSA tools for breaching global money transfer system

New Law Compels Zimbabwe Banks to Accept Cows as Collateral – Bloomberg


34 thoughts on “India in PANIC MODE as Cash is Running Out! Demonetization Creating Civil Unrest!”

  1. Abe ghadhe the situation you mentioned was in November I'm from Mumbai and everyone having cash here .. because we work hard and not dependent on any Qe's to receive unemployment pension,

  2. Hey David great videos as always just wondering if your books are paperback as well as electronic format. Keep up the good work. Knowledge and common sense will prevail. We are living in interesting times. Thanks. Peter.

  3. I am indian though not in india ATM but the north india also doesn't have cash all a.t.m are dry there too. my wife had to go bank personaly after trying for 3 days in atms

  4. lol.. people like you make me laugh. there is no civil unrest. yes there are some cash shortages, but thats not causing any unrest. stop lying. the reason for change of currency notes was there were uncontrollable number of duplicate notes, it was like a parallel fake note economy.

  5. ohhhh what u have done ?? u shown in ur video that India is weak… what a sin u have committed. . ?? becaz indians have been told by their media and gov. that u indians are super power and u are living in paradise on this earth… u r all very rich and big economy ?? indians can not bear such news now they will call u a pakistani agent ?? ??????????????????????

  6. The removal of the large rupee bills cause massive economic turmoil with India. India is a cash economy…the move was asinine.

  7. It's true you guys. There is no cash in India. Because the ATM near my house has it's cash run out. Is there money in another ATM a bit more far than this first ATM? I don't know.. I didn't bother to check it. So therefore there is shortage of cash all over India

  8. Zimbabwe banks will probably head towards Rehypothecating the cow to a slaughterhouse, the client who put up the collateral is SOL.

  9. Why are you posting this on April 17th without indicating the date of the article you're referencing? The pricing charts for gold are from today but the article is reminiscent of the Indian situation almost 6 months ago. I was in India during the time this took effect and I'd be willing to wager that the current situation is far from what you're implying. For the sake of honest alternative media everywhere, please stop putting out obvious misinformation like this. Maybe you just came across this article for the first time today, but it shouldn't be hard to make sure you're comparing data sets from an appropriate time period. This is just the kind of stuff that has the mainstream crying "fake news."

  10. India is about to turn into one giant version of Venezuela. Lots of riots, suicides, starvation, and NO short term recovery! Look out!

  11. Hi David, I have been following your videos and respect your opinions. The problem with this video is that you have no idea how local economics and politics works. Demonitization is a unique step taken by the government to weed out the underground cash economy which was a few times the real Indian economy. Already 4 months into the scheme we have started seeing incredible results. This single move is going to increase the tax base and make India a more informed and just society. Already the system has equal levels of cash to what existed before the move and things are perfectly back to normal. (Indian media tends to exaggerate or play down problems to suit their political masters)

  12. Some retarded couch potato who probably never left his home town talking about places he has never been to because a journalist told him.

  13. Barter and do not result in anarchy. Keep in the back of your mind and start a black market because money will be extinct in one year. I am proud of India because you a way ahead of the rest of the morons on earth

  14. All Governments are always been behind the curve in its action in resolving & implementing their policies. India is no different more so unprofessional and their actions have created untold misery for their population.

  15. Everyone has got a cell phone and it will force people to move to something like ApplePay more quickly. I don't mind the downsides to electronic payment… there are tremendous upsides as well, like getting paid quickly and not having to run and deposit to the bank.

  16. Wow and I thought our Military was already be pressed a lil thin…unreal… I learned as a childhood in the game risk, that only the fool spreads out it's numbers to thin….wtf…why do we need to be in Samolia … this is getting fuxn RIDICULOUS what's next….America is invaded who will protect us ?? when our Military is spread out in all the wrong places!!

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