Kota stopped by for a slumberparty so we decided to do a Hello kitty featured collab. Visit her channel to see her review of the new hello kitty color pop makeup collection!

We got a box of hello kitty cup cookies in the mail from a very sweet fan (thank you!) so we decided to whip them up and try something creative !



  1. Happy Easter! you guys look so cute! I can't wait to have friend's like this ?? and also its my BIRTHDAY IN 9 DAYS! ??

  2. I looked it up and you can totally buy edible Hello Kitty stickers on Amazon โ™กโ™กโ™ก I loved how your sticker looked in the coffee ^.^ did it taste good? coffee is sacred lol I'm wondering if the sticker even has a taste? I love your new blonde hair! I can't wait for your next video ?

  3. Kelly I love watching all of your videos! you have amazing friends from what I can tell and i love how you push through this harsh but beautiful reality. i was wondering how did you apply your rhinestone on your canine tooth?! its so cute and i know you have had it forever it seems but i have never asked .. did a dentist do it? im a registered dental assistant! or do you do it yourself with adhesive? and i love toshi!! so cute too!!

  4. awe, with your little blonde odangos I feel like if you add a bow and slap some whiskers on you could just be a little hello kitty girl! :3 …well, I guess hello kitty is really a girl now apparently. Butcha know.

    I looove your pink hair, but the blonde definitely gives opportunity for some fun mix ups…pink bangs, tips, pastel rainbow streaks — the possibilities are endless! …can't wait to see what you do with it ๐Ÿ™‚ or don't do with it, it's always cute no matter what. …I also just feel like you can truly channel your Sailor Kelly transformation sequence now, you know? Like in the Pretty Guardian SM live action series there… As normal girls they have their natural asian hair, then as magical girls they gots their associated sailor scout blue, blonde, whatever one ๐Ÿ˜› Everyday Kelly with the blonde hair, crime-fighting Kelly with the pink.

  5. I wasn't allowed to have hello kitty, but I super secretly got a hello kitty sticker sheet from Walmart and had it for like two months and treasured them till my sister found them and used them all to decorate her binder for her finger painting. Also, you should have a hello kitty themed tea party with your crew and can use those edible tattoos on cupcakes and other pink food.

    Also, you could use a hair drier to help apply to fix the mistake?

  6. I love Kota ๐Ÿ™‚ That tattoo on your back looks fucking amazing would you show it close in a video? Pleaseeeeeeee ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Thanks for baking these for my unbirthday! ? seriously though, I can't get enough of that beautiful kitchen! Working in the kitchen should always be fun and not too serious! This was a cute video and looked very fun, thanks for sharing ???

  8. It was my birthday !!! April 16!! Aww thanks lol I'll accept your birthday hello kitty cookies. ^-^ since I didn't get anything for my birthday :/

  9. Hi Kelly!

    Nonsense on not having pink pans! =D You totally can–
    –"hello kitty cupcake pan silicone"


    –"pink enameled cake pan vintage"

    …from the newfangled to the old 'n' sassy classy! ;-D

    I hope that cheers your style fancy and brightens your day!

    And you look rockin' awesome in your blonde hair, especially in the cute bunsโœŒ??!

    Keep being your amazing self…. ?

  10. KELLYYY I got the same exact diary for my 7th birthday!! When you asked that question I literally thought "Hmmm oh that diary" AND THEN YOU SAID IT <3

  11. My 8 year old daughter Angel and I love watching you and the fellowship. And she wants to play with Toshi so much

  12. I grew up in Colorado and King Sooper's aka Kroger is equivalent to Ralph's in California. I know exactly what you're talking about. I also got the cherry chip cookie when I visited King Sooper's as a child. I moved to Arizona about 10 years ago and I always reminisce about how great those cherry chip cookies were because they don't have them here and whenever I visited home my dad made sure to stop by King Sooper's to get me those cookies.

  13. hey kelly! why don't you cover your worktops? you can buy like coloured plastic wrap for covering surfaces that would look super cute and fit in with your aesthetic.
    loved this vid xx

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