Google Docs – Tutorial 01 – Learn the Basics

This video goes over some of the basic features of Google Docs.

Using text styles, change fonts, changing font size, adding highlights, insert an image, search an image with specific colours and align the image.

Hope it’s helpful!


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24 thoughts on “Google Docs – Tutorial 01 – Learn the Basics”

  1. Can you eliminate the limitations on the page so you can write from top to bottom without such large borders at the top and bottom. I would like to fit more on the page

  2. You know Kung fu panda's level zero? Well that's me with google docs so don't laugh!

    I start by following the tutorial ; go into my drive, click 'new', click 'docs'…but then get this message; 'Sorry! Document look up failed! It's possible you deleted the file.' I can't get further than this point. Anyone got any ideas? I am running an Acer R11 in stable channel (whatever that is.)

    I'm also confused by the different versions of google docs. If I search 'googledocs' in my browser and save it as a bookmark it opens with a home screen which has various templates inc. blank oage, resume, letter etc…It's more like Microsoft Word.

    Now, the google docs app I downloaded from the webstore has a more bare bones functionality with limited tools. Is this primarily for offline use?

    And finally, the google docs app I downloaded from playstore opens in the browser and says 'chrome extension'. Not sure why or how this is different, better worse or when it should be used.

    I did notice that the online version is slower. Want I want is the functionality of the online version with the speed of the app.

    Not sure I have properly grasped the idea of apps as programmes yet but need a clear explanation of the different google docs formats. Like I said; level zero!

    Any help much appreciated as this is google driving me nuts!

  3. it was not helpful to me… you didn't tell how to create new paragraph
    I Feel so happy if ou tell how to crete new paragraph? thanks in advanced

  4. Microsoft Word Online and their other tools suck so bad that I am forced to give the Google docs a try. At the core – that word processor sucks. Hoping Google docs does not.

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