How to Do a Cable Chest Press | Chest Workout

chest press

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Hi. This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And what I’m gonna show you this time is a cable chest press.

Obviously, it’s for the bulk of the chest and it’s similar to a chest press or barbell chest press. Only difference is we’re gonna be using the cable machine.

Now, this is what it’s gonna look like. We’re gonna choose one leg to be in front, one leg to be in back as a stabilizer. We’re gonna grab ahold of these handles. And what we’re gonna try to do is get our elbows and our forearms in same line with that resistance line. Okay? So we’re gonna be pressing forward. Slow on the way out and forward.

Now, if you take a look here, that line is running all the way along my forearm, all the way back. We always want to directly oppose the resistance. So if I was pressing this way, I’m doing the wrong thing. If I’m pressing this way, you see where the cable is on my forearm? It’s wrong. It needs to be running right along your forearm to be in the best possible position. Pressing forward. Slow on the way back, controlled. Pressing forward. Slow on the way back, controlled and pressing forward.

Now, one thing you always want to pay attention to, again, like any press, is that we keep our shoulders back and that we’re not pronating or protracting our shoulders and bringing them all the way forward. That way that makes us work our shoulders more than our chest and this is a chest exercise.

So pinch, chest out. Slow on the way back and forward.



16 thoughts on “How to Do a Cable Chest Press | Chest Workout”

  1. That was more then great , what about the low and high Cable Chest Press ?!!! . I hope you do some videos about them …

  2. thanks for giving proper form. that was my biggest problem with these. always felt it more in my shoulders. thanks again.

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  4. Should the elbows be flaring out, or tucked in a little? I'd imagine that flaring them out (like in the video) would engage chest more instead of triceps, but also endanger shoulders a bit. Thoughts?

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