How to Low Bar Squat With Mark Rippetoe | The Art of Manliness


Mark Rippetoe shows Brett how to low bar squat. Find out more info about Mark’s work here:

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34 thoughts on “How to Low Bar Squat With Mark Rippetoe | The Art of Manliness”

  1. in the first minute Mark instructed you on how to move: use your low back. just use that to squat. if i may apply this instruction throughout all aspects of moving through life: walk with your low back. make love with your low back. do a math test with your low back. stop thinking about your low back before THAT ends up in your obsessions.

    tourette's, OCD, hypermobility, passion for powerlifting. that s a recipe for disaster. Mark just brought me back to earth. this man should become a psychologist: "if you are depressed, use your low back to get out of your depression".

  2. your butt should not be tucking under, that injures the spine. Stop when your hips don't let you go down any further and you'll be fine. Look up buttwink if you don't already know what it is when squatting

  3. Are your hand suppose to be correct ? In another video (starting strength) he say to place hand on top of bar but for me I feel better like you do because I can place the bar on my shoulder that way and with hand on top the bar always touch my spine.

  4. Now I'm fucking confused because everyone is telling me to keep my elbows down ,take a grip with a thumb and look forward. Who the fuck do I listen too?!?

    I can squat 260×5 right now doing it the way Mark showed here. It feels incredibly hard at the bottom no matter what weight I'm at. I don't know which way to do it now. Why is shit like rocket science where everyone does it differently? Which fucking way do I do it?

  5. This makes so much more sense while reading his book. I only wish I had a friend like Mark to motivate me at the gym ?.

  6. "Kids these days" have it so good. All this great info from elite coaches right at their fingertips. I wish I could've had this info when I was in high school and not be 30 now trying to correct years of questionable technique.

  7. Love he`s wearing a FAG belt!!!!!! Drive it stay in your ass lmfao :O) Start my training today after just finishing the book …

  8. Yes, let the chest roll forward, let your lower back do all the work. Looking at the floor is sooo effective. Neutral spine is NOT a straight spine, neutral spine is the natural lordosis of the cervical spine! Looking down causes stress in the neck and the Ct junction.. I'd love to see this bs method used sit real weight.

  9. Even though I think my form is good, been watching a lot of videos recently, and this one really goes into great detail and in a way that I can understand and self visualize. Nice work.

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