Great British Bake Off – SNL


Two contestants (Emily Blunt, Cecily Strong) disrupt the polite atmosphere of The Great British Bake Off.

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21 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off – SNL”

  1. Paisley's accent is a cross between Irish and Liverpool. The others were ok and I thought Kate as Mary was really good.

  2. And Mary Berry kind of sounds like she was doing an impression of Her Majesty The Queen. A quite good one.

  3. Americans doing British accents is usually cringeworthy but having to listen to British people doing American accents is just as bad especially listening to them over emphasize their "r" sounds. Emma Watson in 'Perks of Being A Wallflower' is a perfect example.

  4. Wasted opportunity. The only point of a sketch like this is for people who know the baking show. The satire had nothing to do with the show. Alternatively they could have made it a satire on Brexit but they didn't sustain that either. What's the point of recreating various aspects of the baking show if you're not actually going to satire it and its cast? Might as well have made it any old generic cooking show, since the focus was on the completely made up characters anyway.

  5. KATE'S FACE WHEN SHE DROPPED THE CAKE!! I feel like watching Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper has prepared me for their accents, I knew exactly what they said and giggled when the audience didn't XD

  6. Their accents were pretty freaking good. They sounded Irish or do they call it something like "Cockney"- sounds good to me!?

  7. Do you lot even hear us when we speak? Lol what was any of that?? Lmao awful doesn't cover it, Cringe…CRINGE!!!

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