Banana custard cake


① Yellow temptation of happiness ♡ Banana custard cake

The strongest combination of banana and custard ♪
Happy sweet moments with yellow combination!
Please let me know if you have an interesting recipe ♪

■ Material (milk carton (1 liter) for one bottle)
· Banana … 2 pcs
· Hot cake mix … 60g
· Eggs … 2 pieces
· Fresh cream … 200ml
· Sugar … 100 g

(For decoration)
· Banana, mint, powdered sugar … appropriate amount
In the case of
(Preparation) Cut off one side of the milk carton with a cutter, cut two spots into the pour spout, fold it and stop it with a staple. Cover the whole with aluminum foil and cut and cook the cooking sheet according to the mold.
1. Clip the banana in small bowls and crush it finely with a fork. When you put all of the hot cake mix, eggs, fresh cream and sugar in the bowl, mix well the whole with a whipper.
2. Pour 1 all into the mold prepared under preparation and place it on the top board, bake it in the preheated oven at 180 ℃ for 50 minutes. (It's baked if the fabric does not come in sticking bamboo skewers ♪)
3. After baking, remove it from the mold and take coarse heat, decorate the banana and mint, powder sugar, it is completed ♪

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Failure-untrue photogenic cake ♡
Even people who are not good at cooking can make it easy because they just serve up ♪

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