Potato Spiral Recipe | Quick Veg Starter Recipe By Tanvi Chhaya

starter recipe

Potato Spirals are very famous now a days in entire world, here is a quick Indian Gujarati version of it. A little spicy and crispy dish for all your needs. You kids will love it for sure, infact no one will avoid it. You can also get step by step recipe on our websites also in Languages like Hindi and Gujarati too.
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Recipe by : Tanvi Chhaya.
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“Every Day Special” is an Indian cooking show presented by Nikunj Vasoya.In this show you will see the exclusine and secret recipes from NIKUNJ vasoya’s Scret cooking book on Indian Cuisine.
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  1. wow the dish looks very attractive. I am sure it would taste awsome… Please post more and more such interesting and innovative recepies.

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