PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Fitness Edition)

This month’s People are Awesome compilation is a fitness special! Featuring incredible feats of strength and fitness including weight lifting, calisthenics, bodyweight fitness, handstands, squats, push ups and more. These workout routines provide serious gym inspiration and motivation!

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Don’t think feel.

Cinzia Weighted Pancake

Partner Push Ups

Deadlift in heels epic fail

Happy Motivational Monday

Guy In Wheelchair Pulls A SUV

Krystal Cantu Weight lifting

Rope Hoist – Epic Strength

Human Flag

Locust Pose

CrossFit Baby does perfect snatch

Dmitry Fedotov & Dmitry Moiseev

Francesco Antonucci

Andrea Larosa. Planche and Handstand training.

Three Zanettis from rest position Markku Vahtila

Middle Split Jump Squats


Human flag pull ups with straight legs

505 lb ( 230 kg ) Deadlift and Backflip

Extreme Push Ups Mix Giorgos Votsis

A little burpee and back squat WOD

300 lb (136 kilo) Indian style

Dad Doing Pull Ups With His Son Hanging On

Handstand Pushups with wheelchair

Here is combination of different pole tricks

Last summer in Vegas vacation workout !

jujimufu going crazy with the 100lbs chair split!

When you get together with @straight_arm_sosa and @moderntarzan at muscle beach.

Twin Baby Pullups

Fitcouple shoulder press Finnish Gymnast Markku Vahtila & his wife

How to Eat doing Handstand Push Ups !

Joshua Kellum – Cannon Ball

Yelling Screaming Female squating raw Lucila McHahon

the real benchpress – El Eggs

Supermarket shopping gymnast style 2 – Markku Vahtila

Another partner strength exercise

Workout by Artyom “Back up” from Russia

Baby of 15 months, the future of CrossFit.

Handstand Claps Push Ups

World record for push-ups with claps, hands back a minute 41 times

Fitness exercise with your dog

Goodnight Push Ups

315 lbs for reps on bedpress


37 thoughts on “PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Fitness Edition)”

  1. Wow, awesome as it may be and prepared as she may be, I strongly recommand against deadlift box jumps. I almost can't watch 🙂

    I hope one day to be able to do a weighted muscle up (not with olympic rings tho)

  2. what the hell are YOU waiting for ?? get your ass of the couch and throw the popcorn as far as you can … And BE the awesome person YOU ment to be

  3. Love how in this video, there's an sort of equal distribution of girls and boys. Wouldn't have gave any shits if it tilted any way, but still like that fact 🙂

  4. Where's a "People Are Awesome — Middle Aged People Edition"??? Would love to see a video compilation of people 40 to 60 doing cool, athletic shiz.

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  6. I'm just laying in my bed watching these people do amazing extersizes when I'm just like. "Hey! Pass the remote" when it's only two inches away from me…

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