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new year, new me, new bod. I’ve been working toward making sure most of my meals are home cooked so I know just what is in my food. This is an example of what I would eat in a day. Everything is pretty healthy with a little side of vegan chocolate sanity. Because I do eat out so much these meals are inspired by some of my favorite LA restaurants. Hope you guys enjoyed and hope to make more fit videos soon. Healthy eating is a lot easier than you would think.


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50 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day: My Healthy Diet | Alexa Losey”

  1. Everyone's saying "you're not getting enough carbs" or "you need fruit" or "not enough calories" yet they're saying this based off of one video – and Alexa also showed only the most important meals throughout the day. She could be easily snacking on other healthy things but not show it.

  2. You should really consider a vegan diet. You already eat lots of veggies just gotta get more carbs and beans and all that yummy stuff!!

  3. why cant i ever watch a non-vegan what i eat in a day video without all the comments pushing the poster to go vegan? as a non-vegan, sometimes i want inspiration from non-vegan food videos…

  4. I hate when people don't wash their fruits and vegetables, I mean it is really bad for you, because you don't know in what kind of chemicals they've been in

  5. I really think that you shouldn't put your 'healthy diet' out there for young girls to see. It's completely shit. Try carbs and veganism and then you will be healthy, and not by eating a chiken's corpse and four little pieces of shitty lettuce.

  6. Seriously guys. I doubt yelling at her to go vegan is going to make her want to do it anymore. I'm vegan but if Alexa wants to eat chicken, let her make her own choices. Maybe she'll go vegan in the future when she feels she's ready to make that plunge.

  7. It's not really a perfect dinner because you have next to no carbs. Those veggies are only about 25 calories. Carbs aren't bad, too much carbs (especially high glycemic carbs) are bad. If you don't balance your meals with sufficient carbs (the only fuel your body can use), you will simply be sacrificing the protein and fat from the meal for energy. You want your protein to be used for the intended purpose of cell regeneration and so your body doesn't catabolize muscle mass (the engine that keeps your metabolism high). This is just a suggestion,overall you seem to understand what healthy eating is more so than most people do.

  8. and just a little question: since they are all these health experts in her comments, why are u watching a health video if u know everything about it? the point of watching these videos are for those who want to transition into eating healthier. since y'all are writing paragraphs trying to tell everyone about how much u know, make ur own video

  9. WTF is with all the vegans. You can have a perfectly healthy diet with lean proteins included. In fact it is easier for the human body to consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals with an omnivorous diet. Extremely healthy cultures (Japan, Korea–most if not all of Asia) eat a lot of vegetables as well as some meat. A vegan diet is not for everyone and is hardly synonymous with health.

  10. Fkn Vegans man.
    I understand you're trying to prove a point but ya dont gotta be so rude about it -.-

  11. Vegan this vegan that vegan vegan vegan…..the girls not vegan so leave her alone! If you are vegan great but stop making the whole world vegan

  12. this video is cruelty, stop telling people to eat chicken, please educate yourself how that chicken got to your plant.

  13. "Go vegan, go vegan" SHUT UP. We get you're so SUPERIOR to the rest of us horrible humans. It's healthier, fine. Whatever. Good for you. But stop shoving it down our throats. I'm a vegetarian and have been for a year and this is the first time I've ever said it on YouTube. Let them eat their meat and cheese and enjoy it. You go Alexa for eating healthier than 80% of Americans.

  14. what's the matcha tea powder called? I am looking for an organic kind low in sugar (sugarless if possible). luv u and your videos 🙂 <3

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