Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies”

  1. Actually WatchMojo….The Original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" has very LITTLE blood in it – the violence is all in your head.

  2. Just so u would know
    Some ppl have weaker nerves or r terrified of blood so to some ppl this can be scarry af

  3. Decent but in my opinion:

    10. The Descent
    9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    8. The Shining
    7. The Ring (original Japanese version)
    6. Insidious
    5. Halloween (1978)
    4. 28 Days Later
    2. The Babadook
    1. The Exorcist

  4. A nightmare on elm street is the horrible remake of the original movie so no its not scary just a very bad remake please use the actual name of the movie

    Please don't call the Aliens mindless. You showed us an example of a scene where it's proven it isn't mindless. It hid in the escape pod because the mothership was detonating.

  6. Is this the joke? you seriously think this classic crap is scary? and that blair witch was so boring that i turned it off after 10 min for good..

  7. I watched 22 seconds and thew my headphones away. Damn, how I hate the Grudge! To me that death rattling thing is scarier than the clickers from The Last of Us game!
    I'm a mosochist, had to watch it to the end. 10 min 25 seconds: FUUUU-
    To be fair, most of the mentioned scary ones could have been avoided (leaving no story to tell…). Onryō cannot.

  8. Honestly the #1 pick is the only one that's scary to me. That voice, that face, and the fact that some people believe it was based off a true story makes this classic by far the scariest movie ever made. If it doesn't bother you a lil bit, you may wanna check your soul cause something is wrong with you.

  9. all these movies are definite memories from childhood that scared the shit outta me, but there r 3 others they left out, Candyman, Dr. Giggles and Jaws they scared me into an insomniac first times i saw those

  10. C'mon Mojo. I generally love your work and videos, but you just haven't seen a good horror movie yet. The Exorcist? Chucky? Paranormal Activity? Nightmare on Elm street? Rosemary's baby? Seriously? I get that these movies were once considered good, or awesome even, but watching them today they are everything but scary. Gross, maybe, disturbing, maybe, sloooow, boooring and so not scary. Yes, this is how much our horror culture had changed/improved but the fact remains that watching these movies today (and not in a nostalgic manner) they're just disappointing if not downright bad. Even the acting is shitty sometimes, they're overdoing it, like they were on stage. I think the oh-so-famous-and-praised Exorcist is especially bad plus disgusting. So if you wanna watch a good horror, don't take advice from this video – with a few exceptions, of course.

  11. the blair witch project is a total pile of trash and was not even close to scary, so i call bullshit on this list.

  12. I'll give you most of these but Child's Play? It's hard to be terrified of a slasher I can punt like football and breaks his own rules constantly.

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