Can you call a cell phone in the microwave?

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Do cell phones placed in a microwave still receive signals? What is the difference between microwave oven radiation and the signals used by your phone?

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24 thoughts on “Can you call a cell phone in the microwave?”

  1. I actually work in the industry and we use microwave ovens for testing. It used to be that you could unscrew the antenna and put in a coax cable to connect to the cell hardware but external antennas disappeared. Note that in the US voice calls would use CDMA band classes 1 and 2 at 850 MHz and 1900 MHz (PCS) and sometimes the auxiliary 800MHz range. But for testing LTE data which runs in the GHz bandclasses we place the mobile UE in the microwave and run an antenna wire inside from the eNodeB. This prevents the UE from attaching to a commercial signal and our testing from affecting any users of the commercial signal. We are not allowed to bleed any RF.

    Another interesting fact is that some high efficiency energy saving windows are very good at blocking LTE radio ranges. So much so that I have seen a demonstration where a mobile was placed less that two feet from from the eNodeB antenna and one of those salesman demonstration mini windows placed between them. The mobile lost communication immediately. So if you are getting a bad signal inside the house doing the "natural" thing of going to the window could be the worst choice to make.

  2. Cool. I tried using a microwave as a faraday cage and thought if it doesn't let phone signals through then it would be safe from an emp. Well, it didn't stop the phone signals but it might still protect stuff from an emp.

  3. Microwave radiation does jam Wi-Fi. My relatively new microwave oven kills my Wi-Fi when my phone is within a few feet of it.

  4. The box that holds the food should be smaller than meshed door and to preppers watch the part of Charlie's Wilson's war where the weapons expert tells him about communications ,a cage won't do much good if all your stuff is in just one cage

  5. my phone doesnt ring in my micro, but believe it or not i can put metal in mine and it doesn't spark! nvr have i seen that. its amaziing!

  6. Tried my phone in the oven. It didn't end well. Just to chuck my ten cents in regardless as to whether the wifi and microwaves use similar frequencies, it's the power used to shall I say broadcast the waves. Stick your head in front of a microwave repeater station vowala just ready for serving. Power is the key residential wifi probably 10w microwave 700-1200w

  7. You could have tested this by using any handheld electronic device in front of the microwave while it's on, it you get interference on your thing it's leaking

  8. A Farraday Cage only works for the calculated wavelengths, also the microwaves are not completely radio insulated.

  9. THEY DONT USE THE SAME FREQUENCY! the mesh and radiation defence of a microwave is not designed to stop the frequency range of a cell phone.

    Since I know PG knows this, I suspect this is a vicious trick to get clicks and money by spreading fear and hysteria. Despicable, IMO.

  10. This video lacked some of the voice / sound on my iPhone 7. Had to use my Samsung tablet. Anybody else get that problem?

  11. Now that raises another question : if the cell tower is able to ring my phone 2 miles away from my home it must be using some real power to travel that far. If I stand 2 feet away from the tower would I get cooked or my heart gain a few heartbeats

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