Typography Effect Photoshop tutorial

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in this videos you will learn how to make an image into a typography effect using photoshop, have fun and dont forget to like this video, comment, share and/or subscribe.

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49 thoughts on “Typography Effect Photoshop tutorial”

  1. PlEASE! I need to see the mouse for next video. It's kind of hard to FOLLOW without seeing the mouse moving : / BIG THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME VIDEO!

  2. I am working on making a building in Chicago out of text and this is a great way to do it but what I'm finding is that when I draw my line with my pen tool and switch it to text tool and click it only lets me type one letter or if I click further down maybe one or two letters

  3. This is awesome and creative. I have been nursing an idea of making something like this for a long time, but don't know how. This video is really helpful. Thanks for sharing. I will start practising soon.

  4. Hey, I got this annoying thing that when I start typing on this line only 2 or 3 letters show up. How do I fix this????

  5. Photoshop tutorial – Как сделать текстовый эффект в Фотошопе |★Pawerful Text Portrait★

  6. thats so hard for me. i cant do that. anybody can help me please? i want to made it for my brothers birthday. i send you the photos by email. anyone can help me? thankyou

  7. Click Ok ? hjahahaahah Mate your audio sucks the video is ok but you need to learn more English Mate, This is a bit confusing that you don't even know how this is called and whatever and whatever lol… Funny video mate keep up the good work Mr. Juarez. lOL

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