Introducing Google Wind


Holland is one of the greatest countries to live in, but the biggest downside is that it rains 145 days a year. That’s why the Google Cloud Platform team in the Netherlands is launching Google Wind this Spring.

We leveraged existing Dutch infrastructure to realize this moonshot in record time. We upgraded some historical windmills in Holland with control modules connected to Google Cloud Platform. Google Wind then uses Machine Learning to recognize cloud patterns and orchestrate the network of windmills when rain is approaching. Test results look very promising.

We’re proud to announce that from April 1st we’re able to help ensure clear skies for everyone in Holland.

Armin van Buuren:
Dylan Haegens:
Piet Paulusma:


24 thoughts on “Introducing Google Wind”

  1. This is fake because when he said sunny days starting at April 1st( fool's day) there was a caption below reading 'when weather allows'

  2. Google, you really shouldn't do this sort of stuff, there are a lot of stupid people alive nowadays that they will actually believe this shit.

  3. The worst innovation from Google. Great leap against nature. Soon we humanity on earth are gonna pay for it.

  4. That's a april fool because I live in the Netherlands but from april 1st until april 12 it rained all day and all night.

  5. I at the start actually thought this was gonna be something like use the rain instead of the wind by turning the mill upwards but then I started listening

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