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Sorry for the reupload, it wouldn’t let some people watch.

YO! One of my all time favorite hustles. The 3 Card Monte is a devious and imperceptible routine which is guaranteed to win you a drink! Learn it well and use it on your friends.

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What I shoot with:

5D mark iii:
Lens: 24mm fixed 1.4
Lens: 70-200mm 2.8
Editing: Final Cut // Color Finale
Music: Epidemic Sound

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30 thoughts on “STREET HUSTLE TUTORIAL – 3 Card Monte”

  1. I FUCKING LOVE YOU CHRIS RAMSAY MAN I FUCKING you are my hero dude. So plane honest and authentic, and even teaching magic. And even looking like Ragnar thou

  2. Could you instead of picking up the joker with the left card, pick up the joker with the right card to throw someone off?

  3. first of all awesome video <3 bzt i have the problem that when i lay down the upper card it has contac with the lower one and makes a noice -.- is there anyone whoe can help me 😀

  4. Duuuude you are just awesome man!! I'm so happy I found your channel… I didn't like you at the beginning (first vid I saw was the spread and butter video from Asads channel) but after watching a few videos, I started to really enjoy your content, and now I came back to practicing magic and perform to people.

  5. if you know the version where you do the cheat thing at the start when you first throw down the cards you could combine the 2 to throw them off when you flash the joker and it's not where they expected and then do the trick again to really confuse them

  6. I feel like it should be mentioned at least in the description that Monte in exchange for anything of value is illegal in Canada; punishable with up to 2 years in prison

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