Nutrition Basics – Micro-nutrients and Macro-nutrients


Nutrition Basics – Micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients

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Watch this video to learn more about the basics of nutrition. The foundation of nutrition basics includes learning about micro and macro-nutrients. In today’s age of processed food it is possible to eat a lot of calories with very poor micro-nutrients. This video will break down the essentials of micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients and how you can use them to help customize your diet.

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32 thoughts on “Nutrition Basics – Micro-nutrients and Macro-nutrients”

  1. I know you said animal protein is the best, but doesn't it depend considering plant based macronutrients such as soy and quinoa are a complete protein.

  2. This video is designed to help the general public understand macronutrients and micronutrients in its most basic form. However, starting the video you immediately start discussing really specific details about macronutrients that an individual just starting out wouldn’t necessarily understand. Since your video is titled Nutrition Basics, one might think this video would give them just the information they need to know to understand the main concepts. However, this is a very informative video for someone who is interested in the deeper understanding. Also this video does a good job about discussing the macronutrient’s subcomponents, which are very important for any audience to know.

  3. Anyone that talks about proteins as an essential nutrient are still parroting the old BS.  Humans don't need protein!  We need amino acids and then make the required proteins from the AAs.  The best form of AAs for humans is from enzymes from fruits and veggies.  The larger the protein chain the harder to digest.  This guy is clueless.  He says animal proteins are the best?  He is using the disproved term "complete proteins"?  Animal proteins are the worst to digest and destroy your liver and kidneys.  Carbohydrates is not the correct term either.  They are technically called starches.  I would search elsewhere for your nutritional information.

  4. Organic is becoming more accessible. The USA requires 70 % of ingredients in the product to be organic. The other 30% with an honorable manufacturer must be quality ingredients. Otherwise products will have the potential to be Organic but toxic.

  5. enjoyed the vid, but please could you speak slower for dumb people like me. Your passion is contagious though, I already know I will spend the rest of my life learning as much as I can about nutrition. Thank You

  6. i like it because it help me have a better understand and help me kind of study for food and nutrition in school

  7. Good vid but I wish you spoke more about micronutrients. I don't totally agree with not including calories in your plan. Thanks man

  8. I'm sorry, you didn't talk in much depth at all about the different parts of fats. Did you say you had a different video on this?

  9. Nutritional advice! This video is pretty useful in giving you a general idea of what to eat… anyone that wants to learn more or have a tailored diet/training plan created for them specifically, contact me and follow my Instagram account:@akashruparelia1

  10. i know im going to get hate from this comment, but, i dont care! YOU GUYS SHOULD TAKE A LOO INTO VEGANISM. IT REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE! WATCH VEGAN GAINS!

  11. The best quality, most complete protein with the highest level of bio-availability on the planet is Living Spirulina, over 70%… PERIOD! Unless you are a carnivore, the only protein humans should consume is whole plant based. We are not lions by any stretch of the imagination.

  12. correct me if i am wrong
    saturated and unsaturated fat

    some unsaturated are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat

    there is also trans fat which unsaturated react with hydrogen to form saturated fat

  13. Wild…………… I wish I never gave into Junk. I'm going back on my diet like I used to be, and staying to it, I should of NEVER ate JUnk cuase that was when my Mom and I got along most.

  14. What about the negative effects of eating the bodies of enslaved living beings who did not want to die?

    Those who you refer to as, "animal proteins".

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