WORST Deadlift Mistakes | Deadlift Leg & Booty Workout

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Official Abby Pollock video of WORST Deadlift Mistakes | Best Deadlift for Growing Your Butt.
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About Abby Pollock:

Abby Pollock is a 23-year-old fitness lover living in Toronto, Canada. Pollock is a Mechanical Engineer that has created a successful business off of her love for fitness. Changing people’s lives daily and implying combative workouts and meal plans to achieve their weight goals.


47 thoughts on “WORST Deadlift Mistakes | Deadlift Leg & Booty Workout”

  1. Terrible advice in this video. Check out posts by alan thrall or mark rippetoe if you want to learn to perform this movement correctly.

  2. I actually do both of this. Romanian deadlift and stiff deadlift. However with the stiff ones i try to keep with 135lbs rarely do 150lbs. As for romanian i go a bit heavier no much. And Stiff deadlifts work my hammstringa and glutes better.

  3. Hey Abby! I'm having an issue with feeling soreness in my legs after any workout. I haven't been feeling it lately so I switched routines and even though it is super challenging for me in the gym I feel nothing afterward and it makes me feel like I'm not making any progress. I even went back to "the basics" and nothing. This only happens for my legs and idk what to do 🙁 any suggestions?

  4. Hi Abby! Your videos are sooooooo great and very informative! And you're bursting with energy! Do you have any stretching videos or stretching routines? If you already have done some, I didn't find them anywhere….. But keep up the good work! You are amazing!!

  5. Hey, love your videos! But gotta say I think doing this exercise is difficult. Even with you explaining how to do it, I still am having trouble with where Im supposed to feel the burn.. still not sure how to do this exercise properly. Can you please explain if Im supposed to keep my legs straight or bend them a little? Also, how low do i go? Im using dumbells and they kinda go between my legs when Im doing it.
    Always feel it in my hamstrings after doing this, am I doing it right then?

    Sorry for the confusion, Ive only been working out for a few weeks now…

  6. I've been recovering from a back injury for a year now and I've finally been able to sit into a proper squat, however I'm struggling with balance and keeping my knees from surpassing my toes

  7. heyy I was wondering If I need to gain weight if I was skinny before I start working out to see results ( to see glutes results)

  8. I don't know if you'll read this, but your advice on making it a forward/backward motion made a HUGE difference for me. I was working out yesterday and I had already did normal deadlifts and I was thinking to myself why am I not feeling it? Later on, I did single leg deadlifts (an exercise I saw from one of your videos) and focused on the forward and backward motion and my booty burned! The nice kind of burn 🙂 Thanks so much

  9. it's a good try, but her deadlift form is AWFUL–take a look at her spine. It's got a fair curve. with deadlifts, you want to have a neutral spine like any other exercise. which means your gaze won't always be directly forward. Which means a slight upwards curve in the spine is okay. you're going to strain the f outta your neck if you lift like this.

  10. ahhh your lisp kills meee and the same intro for every video ? always. but I really like tips and information given.

  11. please do a video on how to reduce muscular thighs.. advice if weight should be dropped on squats etc.. what are the best excersises to do

  12. I advice that everyone also worksout not only their bodies, but also their relatiomships with Jesus Christ. This is the end of the age. The Lord is coming back soon to judge the world. I've seen Him and He's real. Seek Him with all your heart until you find Him. You won't be disappointed in the end. God gave humanity the freewill to accept or reject Jesus Christ. Nothing is forced, you've been warned and soon all people will witness the greatest event in human history.

    Thank you and God bless

  13. Can you specify on how many reps and sets you should do of each?! Thanks! I am looking to start doing booty exercises everyone other day.

  14. hip thrust form as well as quad and calf workouts… the two never seem to be as sore as my glutes and hamstrings

  15. Thank you so much for all your information and science behind all the exercises you do! I have horrible knees from years of working in the service industry, and have a difficult time doing any type of squats or lunges after about 3 or 4 reps, no matter the weight.I'd love to see a video about alterations to help build back the strength and not completely destroy my knees while lifting.

  16. looking for a workout for my back. seems like i have fat and loose skin i want to tighten up . also something for my chest. I definitely found this video helpful for my form.

  17. As a powerlifter this deadlift makes me cringe like no other. But its for building the glutes so ill let you live.

  18. I'm struggling a lot with the hip thrust! I tend to feel it in my hamstrings or quads rather than my glutes! Also been struggling with doing complete push ups for many reps.. when I get to the 12th rep, I notice my head begins to dip and my spine doesn't remain neutral

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