5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes!

healthy food

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41 thoughts on “5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes!”

  1. Everyone needs to stop knocking this beautiful person!! Remi is trying to better herself by eating healthier. Remi, thanks for your positive, outgoing videos. Cheers from your Canadian fans!!!

  2. I've been making home made smoothies for my self for a while now tbh.

    I put mango, apple, avocado, bananas and peach slices and baby spinach. Then add milk and ice and a small amount of sugar. And blend them all together. It it is amazing. I guarantee you it is the best.

  3. I'm commenting on this more than 2 years later lol… but thank you Remi! All of these recipes look so good! Love your videos! 🙂

  4. these look so good I want this rn?it looks so tasty?I am gonna die if I don't get food like that??I wish for those right now?I want that food??I am gonna Marry that food???

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