Top 10 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

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1. Peppermill Fireside Lounge
2. Art o Mat
3. Antique Horse Race
4. Wynn Casino’s Koi Pond
5. Guardian Church Stained Glass
6. Pinball Hall of Fame
7. Secret Pizza
8. Holstein’s Smokey Dessert
9. CHEFFINI’S Hot Dogs
10. Container Park

Special thanks to: Jocelynn Flom, Rick Lax, Bizzaro, Kyle Marlett, Amazing Johnathan, Daniel Madison, Blake Vogt, Calen Morelli,

Soldier’s Deck of Cards:

Justin Flom is a magician and YouTuber seen on Ellen and SyFy’s Wizard Wars.



40 thoughts on “Top 10 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas”

  1. I am here to see if I could convince the bachelorette party I am going to to visit some of the locations you visited like the Antique Horse Race and Pinball Hall of Fame. I'm more of an outdoorsy person so these are some gems I visited with my family in the area:
    -Red Rock Canyon exploration
    -Flightlinez ziplining in Boulder City
    -ATV'ing at Nellis Dunes(my personal favorite!)
    -Dig This!" on the west side of Vegas
    -Horseback riding through the mountain landscape

    Every Las Vegas trip, it is a tradition that I visit the Harley Davidson Cafe, but I might break away and go to Holstein's just for secret pizza. lol

  2. Pepper Mill is good but over rated, and container park just plain sucks. It's VERY small, I was just there last week and many of the shops are vacant, and as with the Pepper MIll the hot dog place is also over rated. You can smell the beard oil from the hipsters that infest this place.

  3. Great video. I love it! I'm heading back to Vegas for my fourth time in a couple days. I saw the Container Park and had to click. I LOVE that area.

  4. Isn't that the same model car that was in the movie The Mask with Jim Carey, the one that breaks down lol?

  5. cool places I live Vegas too and my whole family lives there but I CAN'T stand all the cockroaches everywhere!!!!!!

  6. Dude that was the lamest card trick ever it was not even very slick, the list was awesome though and I put some cool places on my list to check out on my next visit.

  7. My dad goes to some of theese places when hes bored ? I live in vegas too but what I dont understand Is why people think vegas is all that????

  8. Great video, lots of great tips. I can do Vegas for less than $500 for 3 nights and 4 days with airfare, hotels, meals and entertainment.

    1. Fly a discount airline
    2. Get a copy of the American Casino Guide- They have buy one get one free rooms at the Silver Sevens Hotel, with a player's club card points add up for free meals and rooms quickly.
    3. Take the hotel shuttles for free and the city bus for $8 for a 24 hour pass
    4. Eat at Ellis Island, $7.99 awesome big steak dinners and ribs! Quality all around.
    5. Play the penny slots at Casino Royal and they will give you all the free drinks you want
    6. 5 cent beers at 5 O'Clock Somewhere bar everyday between 5 and 6 PM
    7. Do the Free stuff like Pawn Stars and Counts Customs,
    8. $1 black jack and 25 cent roulette and craps at El Cortez Casino
    9. Free 80's rock bands on Fremont Street
    10. Know your streets, Koval Street and Paradise runs next to the strip and there is a Dollar Tree on Flamingo and Maryland Ave next to UNLV. Stock up on items when you arrive cheaply.

    That's how you do it!

  9. maybe i'm being nitpicky but you showed the Fireside Lounge, which is inside Peppermill. Peppermill is the restaurant, Fireside Lounge the bar. i'd add Ronald's Donuts on Spring Mountain Rd. cash only and vegan donuts. place is amazing if you like donuts. and for nature go to Clark County Wetlands Park. totally different than Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. and much closer to Strip, which is convenient for 95% of visitors

  10. Love your guide to Vegas! Subbed! Would love to hear what you think about our Las Vegas guide too if you get a chance!

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