American Girl Prank

american girl prank

Ethan and harry dress up as girls and Will pretends to be their brother.
They go into american girl


50 thoughts on “American Girl Prank”

  1. They are not making fun of girls or american girl. But since I'm a girl with a older brother I know boys don't like girl dolls they might think they are girly my brother wouldn't dare play with one but he is going to buy me one I have one but want two

  2. Dude our so offensive do u know how mean that was? And do u know how many girls are watching this? Plus if I were there i'd punch your face man!!!!!!!

  3. This is HIGHLY offensive. I swear I will hunt you down and choke you to death. F.Y.I  they're called pigtails not Half braids. Idiots.

  4. Pi am a girl I know it was funny not stupid if you think they tryed to be mean your stupid it was a joke let it go

  5. How is this offensive? Also you guys sending death threats can get you in trouble with the law. There"s some boys dressing feminine and going to an American Girl store. What is making you so angry?

  6. My points of why you are stupid
    1.Your pretending you know everything when you clearly know nothing
    2. You don't even know what racist means
    3.Your being sexist
    4.The straps are to stop the doll from slipping out of the chair
    5. the dolls aren't creepy
    6. lots of people go there, I would go there everyday if I lived near one
    7.The experienced sucked because you legit walked in and out again
    8.The dolls probably would punch you in the throat right now

  7. this is very racist to AG I don't think they were doing the right thing as tricking ppl

    l know guys dress up as girls but this video really is


  8. As an AGtuber and an AGIGer, this is highly offensive.
    Problems with this:
    1. Dolls aren't creepy.
    2.The straps are so that the hairstylists can do their work without the doll slipping out of the chair.
    3.This happens to be sexist.
    Thank you for reading this comment if you did, I am done now.

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