Nutrition 101 with Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike explains the basics of a proper diet to help you get started on the path to a healthier life.

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23 thoughts on “Nutrition 101 with Dr. Mike”

  1. sorry Dr. Mike, I goofed and hit the dislike button, my bad, I made it right and hit the like button.

    It took me 3 months to read, disect & digest your Amazing book.

    I slept with this book the first month of reading it.

    It is literally the best book I've read on any subject next to the Holy Bible…
    (I've read over 130 books in the last 9 years.)

    The 1st 2 month
    I lost 21 pounds of body weight, since then I've stablized the weight loss but I keep losing inches around the waist.

    6 weeks in, I noticed a change in my total out put at the gym.
    I go to the gym 3-5 days a week now. Up from 1-3 times per week.

    I started on the rowing machine at its lowest setting for 3:30sec. (beat at the end of the work out…)

    Now as of this month I'm at the highest setting, maxed out for over 30 minutes.

    My daily average now is 8-10 minutes…

    My bench press has jumped 155 pounds, from a weak
    50 pounds ( no joke)
    up to 205 pounds 16 times.

    My squat jumped to 405 for 58 reps.(my legs are feeling Strong & Huge…)

    My yearly physical wasn't so good in October 2016.

    After reading & implimenting your feeding sequence and Improving my Sleep and Exercise patterns many things in my life have improved for the the better.

    My a1c dropped from 8.9 to 6.8
    almost in the normal range.
    (my worst a1c was 12.2 no joke 2 1/2 years ago)

    My kidney function wasn't looking good, cholesterol no good either both have improved & stablized.

    (Dr wasn't so impressed with that, it was a very anticlimactic statement
    said under his breath)

    My Eye pressure & inner eye swelling stablized.

    Eye pressure was above normal with a high of 28-31
    now is 12-14.

    my vision has improved from 20/45 in the right eye to 15/20
    my left eye improved from 20/80 to 20/25

    I'm not quite out of the woods yet, (25 pounds to go)
    I do this every single day & it's is my new normal.

    It take zero effort now to stick to it.

    The alternatives aren't very appetizing:)

    No food 2 hours before bed,water with organic lemon on an empty stomach,
    lights out 9:30-11pm.
    up at 6am.

    Get ready, kids to school hit the gym for 1hour -90 minutes now, water only.
    first meal @11am to noon.
    (Largest Meal)

    2 Medium sized meals between 1:30pm & 4:30pm. lightest meal 6pm. to 7:30 pm.
    Go for a walk, chill, read journal, go to bed…

    Thank you for writing this book , it helped me get past my sticking points and improve my Life for my Family & myself…

  2. Plants contain DHA and EPA without the mercury and other toxins like marine products. Just make sure you don't consume high omega 6 oils. The fish get their omega 3 from algae (plants). This content is not accurate

  3. Is it correctly understood that you advise that 50-75% of a daily caloric intake should consist of healthy fats?
    Because it seems like A LOT…

  4. When you say "Skip breakfast or Dinner" Do you mean eat a smaller breakfast or dinner? I'm pretty sure skipping a meal is bad for you

    Let’s start about nutrition factor since beginning of human life. A pregnant lady is advice by everyone to have good food for her upcoming baby always. Due to good food brings a healthy baby always. A sick person is taking diet for wellness. Sportsman is taking extra meals and proteins for more energy always. This practice has been followed years after years based on nutrition factors. But modern science and technology is helping us to decide right food according our body conditions.

  6. But, if you're a type 1 diabetic, once your sugar is depleted, it's depleted. A normal person's body can go after the stored sugar in the body and break down fat, but a type 1 diabetic's blood sugar will keep dropping and getting lower until the worst of the worse. Then they have to recharge their body with some sugar to keep them from….coma, dying, etc…. Their body can't get to the fat stores.

  7. The rhetoric this guy uses is cringeworthy. "The hippocampus, responsible for memory, consentration, everything", is a really dumbed down and strange way of explaining the brain region. And when he talkes about curcumin being the "exact same as prozac, all the studies show that" is far too vague. Also things like "proven over and over again" and calling a hormone "anti-aging".. To me it's difficult to take him seriously

  8. Is there a ship leaving port during this video? Or it is foggy in port? I hear a fog horn. (Edit: later on he says he's on a cruise.)

  9. I have been on a health video tirade lately. I lost about 90 pounds in 2014. I have since gained 40 pounds back and I have not been able to lose any weight. Gonna start the fasting method tomorrow! Current weight is 254 pounds. Will check in on May 6th.

  10. I enjoy your stuff Mike but you always forget to mention the dangers of Intermittent Fasting. Its not suitable for everyone.

    For example anyone with any kind of long term anxiety condition and/or Adrenal Fatigue needs to be aware that fasting spikes your Cortisol (Stress Hormone) production. Not good if you are seeking to relax and reset a frazzled nervous system.

    Also for for men its very important to note that IF reduces testosterone by 20%! Most guys T levels are already way lower than they used to be so I am not sure that fasting is a good idea unless a Sex Hormone test has been done and there are no signs of low T.

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