Unspoken Rules: "Cellphone Or am I?" (Gamer)

In the mobile games that depend round the world said. Game game-just as in her words "the two of us?" Therefore together, but you do not shun him because what? More important than his opponent beat him. Would still or completely go away? Do you put the cellphone than with someone you love.

An ADOBER Studios Production: Unspoken Rules

Actors: Jane De Leon and Akihiro Blanco
Executive Producer: Dennis Lim
Producer: Rai Clemente
Director: Xian Tobias
Writer: Pancho Maniquis
Production Manager: Basilio Rozel
Cinematographer: Karl Martin and Justin Eldridge Balmaceda
Make-up Artist: Helen Payawal
Production Designer: Vinzon Leojay Y. I (Lady Gagita)
Asst. Production Designer: Dominic Dimagmaliw
Video Editor: Mars Arroyo
Scorer: Exon Pasamba

Powered by: Vivo Plus V5 (Vivo Philippines)


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  1. ganyan kami ng partner ko puro cp ang iniintindi! may kasama ka nga iba naman ang iniintindi kaya napagod na ako iniwan kona! bala na sya sa buhay nya

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