Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III – The 5D has finally met its match


Two of the best cameras going head to head in this video shootout. Can this Canon dslr keep up with Sony’s new mirrorless camera?
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The Canon has been a favorite for videographers craving that full frame sensor for some time. But Canon failed to make any generous improvements in video quality from the 5D2 to the 5D3 leaving the door wide open for competition. While others have come close before, It looks like Sony thinks it has found the perfect recipe to finally make itself the camera of choice for videographers.


46 thoughts on “Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III – The 5D has finally met its match”

  1. I only speak Portuguese in Brazil and no review of the Sony A7 or A7II. If you have already clarified my question in the video, I'm sorry, could not identify. I intend to use the camera for wedding videos and birthdays.

    My questions are as follows:
    1 – What camera does better in the category auto focus for video?
    2 – pays more to buy only the camera body and acquire Canon lenses for use in Sony A7II?
    3 – The use of metabones affect the auto focus for video?

  2. Just wait, Don't think Canon 5D model will go away, they have something in store that will change your religious beliefs in the future. Sony A7s has the better hand for the moment right now, great camera, but don't sleep on canon. Canon made so much money on the 5D line why will they stop.

  3. After watching a lots of reviews of sony from different reviewers on youtube, i feel like sony paid good amount of noney to promote their brand on top of canon.

  4. I wanted to maintain an objective attitude towards this review, but this seemed like a very biased opinion. The Mark III has shown potential with Magic Lantern. While the post-shoot workflow is tedious, it has shown to have potential. Post-shoot workflow with the video files wasn't even demonstrated. Testing low-light is great and shows that "point and shoot" videographers can just go out and shoot, but what about controlled environments where lighting isn't an issue. Focus issues can be corrected with follow focus devices. This wasn't demonstrated either. While I appreciate the information, I don't feel this demonstrated a fair review of how some experienced videographers would see the drastic benefit to throw away all Canon/Nikon cameras. This post is for constructive criticism. Again, appreciate the video.

  5. thank you for reviewing this 2 camera. my question is, what camera do you use to record your face in this youtube video?

  6. Many filmmakers choose the 5D Mark III because of the artistic look of the footage (Canon's specific color profile). If some Hollywood filmmakers are willing to shoot on 35mm analog film and if famous music video directors still prefer 16mm film (for the "look" of the footage), then it's easy to see digital videographers sticking by the 5D and not worrying about technical performance tests of sharpness and low-light. Yes, you'll probably end up with a lot of throw-away, out of focus footage, but you'll be very happy with the cool footage in your final cut. Your point about the available lenses (Canon's advantage) was also huge. Thanks.

  7. The test would have benefitted from some slight underexposing on a few shots, especially the one with the flowers, since the highlights on the A7s seemed to be very blown out. 🙂

  8. Everybody is in love with small cameras these days, but it is a fad that will go away. Small is a negative in my book. The camera controls and buttons are so cramped you can hardly get to the right one unless you go real slow. I will keep my 5D3 thank you. It is like cell phones. They started out big. Then they got so ridiculously small you fat finger the keys and could hardly see the LCD. now cell phones are big and user friendly again. The same will happen in the high end camera world.

  9. I have a question tough, I'm recently learning about cameras and getting better at stuff, and researching things and I ended up coming to your channel, already subscribed and also thumbs up. Here is my question, in general speaking, not only for those two models, how great is cannon compared to other brands? tbh with you i have a decent t1i from cannon, which is around 5,6 years old. amazing quality still. I took some wedding pictures, and I definitely saw the quality. I also did some other videos with it, and it amazed me, but I have never been around any other dslr that much, and i need one for video purpose, not as much as photography wise… I'm thinking about keeping the t1i or maybe upgrading which I'll have too soon, so tell me, in general how is cannon compared to the other brands? which brand is kicking off now at the market? Canon, sony, nikon, pentax… etc?

  10. Hello thanks for this great video.
    For me Sony it's cleary the winnet, but there is an important think for people that have Canon lenses.
    In my case I have 17-40 f4 L, 24-105 f4 L, and Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART.
    I know they are adaptors but (Metabones…), there are to many problems with different lenses, some lose AF, no stabilization, less quality, some have poor AF speed…
    In this case, what is the best camera to buy?

  11. Hi there! Thanks for the review! I'd like to ask you something.The thing is I do a lot of live music photography but lately I'm also doing a lot of video stuff, I know Sony is great for video but would you recommend it over canon for shooting live music too? How works the autofocus in extreme situations? I need something that works fine for both purposes but I have some serious doubts. Now I'm shooting with a canon 70d and sigma 18-35 1.8 (I love it) so I guess any upgrade will be remarkable. Thanks in advance 😉

  12. Fuck! nobody talks about this camera anymore and never competed with the 5D III. Also never ever reached quarter the sales figures of the 5D III

  13. These camerase are a way to go only if you are a videographer. And as such, this is actually no-brainer – Sony nails it in every way.

  14. so if i'm picking video as my primary i go with a7s? but if im pick video but still do photography, i go with 5d miii?

    really love how yo do your video btw!

  15. A7s was clearly sharper video – but had less tonal range and all the highlights were easily blown out, where the same highlights on the Canon were still within acceptable limits.

  16. Can anyone tell me why professionals are still moving to Arri alexa 65 or red instead of these ? Some are even still using film.

  17. Good comparison. A couple of points. I own both the 7d2 and the 5d3 and have extensively shot photo and video wth both. There is no doubt in my mind that Canon deliberately lowers video detail in their DSLRs to protect their higher end market. Both cameras pack plenty of computing power to produce lower compression ( calculate more terms in a Discrete Cosine Transform) and thus higher video quality. But despite that the quality is sh**. Secondly, ML Raw is a workaround for video quality in the 5d3 and if the RAWs are properly processed, video quality would be at least as good as the Sony. But the workflow and the volume of data can be a pain to work with.

  18. Three years later. Sony a7s prove to be too sharp, horrible with lowlights and a long list of other issues. But their latest models since have fixed all those problems. Now they are just stuck with horrible compression issues. Not to mention is still has that documentary look to it rather than that cinema feel no matter how hard you try. But the footage looks great and many people are taking advantage of it! Not too mention with the right lens its a VERY good photography camera.

    The Canon Mark 3 has been out for a long time and now shoots 4k raw at 14 bit. Not only defeating all the current Sony a7 models but also beats the Black Magic cinema cameras especially in low light and even its bigger brother the canon c300. Especially seeing the c300 doesn't shoot 4k raw.

    This isn't about being a fanboy over what brand you prefer. This is about results and the look you want. If you can't afford a red or arri camera but want to get the film look…. Buying a used canon mark 3 will get you there. Especially with Magic Lantern if you dont mind the work arounds. If you're just looking to get some quick sharp 4k images and highlights or shadows isn't the main issue then get a sony a7ii or the new gh5k. But unless you edited a 4k raw video file at 14 bits. It's very hard to shut the canon mark 3 down. It's basically like editing a dng photo file.

    I will continue to shoot with all the cameras I listed. But when it comes to getting that film look i will stick to the Mark 3.

  19. This is a joke, the Canon is much better, and i am a Sony user.. ………Looks to me as you do not have the Canon set up correctly, like a real hatchet job on it's settings…..The 7s is low light===PERIOD!

  20. oh no, a brand new camera made specifically for video beats more than 2 year old camera. How is it possible. Sony's 28 bit compared to Canon's 90 bit are pretty uncolorcorrectable my guess.

  21. oh no, a brand new camera made specifically for video beats more than 2 year old camera. How is it possible. Sony's 28 bit compared to Canon's 90 bit are pretty uncolorcorrectable my guess.

  22. oh no, a brand new camera made specifically for video beats more than 2 year old camera. How is it possible. Sony's 28 bit compared to Canon's 90 bit are pretty uncolorcorrectable my guess.

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