Trump shows Xi and Peng video clips of his granddaughter Arabella Kushner singing in Mandarin

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan welcomed their US counterparts, Donald and Melania Trump, with afternoon tea at Beijing’s Forbidden City on Wednesday. With a tablet computer, Trump showed Xi and Peng video clips of his granddaughter, Arabella Kushner, singing in Mandarin and reciting part of the Three-Character Classic and several ancient Chinese poems. Xi spoke highly of the child’s Chinese language skills and said her performance deserves an “A+”. Arabella is already a child star in China, said Xi, adding that he hoped she would visit China in the future. Take a look at the whole video of Arabella Kushner’s performance!

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25 thoughts on “Trump shows Xi and Peng video clips of his granddaughter Arabella Kushner singing in Mandarin”

  1. With Trump fighting against China these days, what do all the anti-China right wingers think about this now?

  2. Too little too late. She’s very cute but she’s not Asian. We can also see that Ms, Meng Wenzhou is not Caucasoid hence [expendable] to the Caucasian west. Nice try, Mr. Trump, but we saw right through it.

  3. If Mr Trump can be more like his granddaughter, China may carefully consider importing more goods from the US

  4. As of today September 13, 2019 – It is just on the Chinese lunar calendar of the Mid-August Moon Festival day, the
    following site has got 628,579 views, and I am the third time to watch that site: The video title is Trump shows Xi and Peng video clips of his granddaughter Arabella Kushner singing in Mandarin. Published on Nov 8, 2017.

                截至今日,2019年9月13日正好是中國農曆八月中秋節,以下網站有628,579次觀看,我是第三次觀看該網站:視頻標題是特朗普向習近平和彭麗媛顯示他孫女阿拉貝拉.庫什納用普通話演唱的視頻剪輯。 發佈於2017年11月8日。

                The reason that I watched Arabella’s singing once more is
    to admire her great performance, with a special aim to try if I could I find
    any clues that I can give the song I composed for Li Bai’s “Quiet Night Thought”
    to Arabella, to let her  sing my song in
    the future Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Furthermore, since I just published my
    music sheet book on September 12, 2019, which has that song.

                我再一次看阿拉貝拉唱歌的原因是為了欣賞她的非凡表演,特別的目的是試著怎樣才能找到任何線索,我可以把我為李白的“靜夜思”創作的歌給阿拉貝拉,讓她在未來的中秋節唱此歌 。 此外,因為我剛剛在2019年9月12日出版了我的樂譜。內含哪首歌。

                That songbook has a total of 216 pages and 52 songs in it, includes different birthday songs and songs that I composed for ancient poetry, such that written by Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Ju-yi, Su Shi, Liu Yu-xi, Longfellow, Petofi, etc. for
    promotion of cultural exchange between the East and the West, past and now. That book could become a preferred song book to Arabella, and also to her Chinese song teacher, who is definitely a very good teacher and who may has no chance
    to find so many songs for those famous ancient Chinese poetry anywhere else besides mine. If my book could reach to their hands, they may feel as though they obtained precious stones. Although I am rather poor, I would like that Arabella and her
    teacher can give me their e-mail or mailing address to me at . Then, I can send my gift copies to them. And if Arabella wants to become a cultural ambassador like me self-appointed, then, sing my songs and purchase few copies of my songbooks and donate to some libraries.

                這本歌集共有216頁和52首歌曲,包括不同的生日歌曲和我為古詩創作的歌曲,由李白,杜甫,白居易,蘇軾,劉禹錫, Longfellow,Petofi撰寫等,促進東西方,過去和現在的文化交流。這本書可能成為阿拉貝拉的首選歌曲,也是她的中國歌曲老師的首選歌曲,她/他絕對是一位非常優秀的老師,除了我以外,他們可能沒有機會在其他任何地方找到這麼多的中國古代詩詞之歌。如果我的書可以觸及他們的手,他們可能會覺得如獲至寶。雖然我很窮,但我希望阿拉貝拉和她的老師可以通過jkxgao@gmail.com給我發電子郵件或郵寄地址給我。然後,我可以將禮物寄送給他們。如果阿拉貝拉想成為像我這樣自我封的文化大使,那就唱我的歌併購買我的歌本,

             If Arabeele can sing my “Wish Grandma Happy Birthday Song” and change the word grandma to grandpa on President Trump’s birthday, and suppose that Trumps likes the words “福如東海, 壽比南山”  (wish your fortune as large as the East Sea; your longevity as eternal as the Southern Mountain) on his birthday, and Mr. Trump likes that song, Arabella can ask him to donate ten or more copies of that song book to several famous libraries. Thanks.


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