C++ Programming Tutorials – 2 – Installing Visual Studio

Learn how to program in C++ for free!

In this video tutorial I will show you A great method for installing Visual Studio Express edition. As well as going over what an IDE really is. We also discuss: code editors, compilers and debuggers. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial series feel free to contact me in the comments below. Thanks for watching, please consider:


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30 thoughts on “C++ Programming Tutorials – 2 – Installing Visual Studio”

  1. How old are you and how did you get into programming? I'm 16 and i'm really getting into it and I watch you're videos frequently. Where did you learn all your stuff?

  2. i downloaded visual studio express but there are no files at all under the add new item option.. so I'm Basically stuck. Could anybody please help me find out where i can find those extensions because the rest of the internet is more than less than unhelpful.

  3. I also have the problem that when I go on "Source Files" there are no .cpp files (or any other files). I don't have the "Visual C++" Tab. Only "Online" and "Installed" 🙁 still great video 🙂

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