Chrome/Mirror 2Color Fade – Step By Step Tutorial

Suzie gets her hands on some Chrome Powders and has so much fun creating a dazzling set of Chrome/Mirror 2 Color Fade Nails.

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Products featured in this video:

Gelfinity UV/LED Lamp by KUPA INC.

Swan Hand File – Fine by SWAN NAILS.

Akznetz Shine On by Akzentz

Chrome Nail Powders by LIN DECORATION
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27 thoughts on “Chrome/Mirror 2Color Fade – Step By Step Tutorial”

  1. Sure glad I watched you're video. I just received the chrome in the mail.. No directions and couldn't imagine what the eyeshadow being was for! I received this with the Nicoles diary set and no directions there either! Thank you for the help!!

  2. Now powders are "out of date". I have all colors and hex. I dont have the no wipe top coats. Or base coats. So I cant even enjoy them. When I took them with me to salon they wouldnt use my powders I ended up paying 20 for their paint, and it is no where near the powder potential.

  3. Hey Suzie, since this video is much older can you try and reach DEEP DEEP into your brain bank and remember where you found those awesome glasses? Also, none of this is related to the amazing nails you've done lol, you always do! But, I have to ask, where do you find all of your INCREDIBLE Boho Chic blouses? I don't know maybe you shop all over the place, but I tend to be someone who continues to be a repeat customer if I find a place with great clothes or whatever so hopefully you do too??? Anyway, thank you for the great tutorial, they look amazing and I hope to hear from you if you can remember where you got your ensemblay (that's done intentional, I know how to spell lol, it's phonetic)

  4. Just to add a little budgeting tidbit: I don't use my No Wipe Topcoat in the final coat, (I save it) it's too valuable to me, to use it if I don't have to. I have regular UV LED gel top coat (Gelaze) that I found a hot deal at Sally's Beauty Supply, BOGO free and I had 25% off coupon I used too – it ended up being 2 bottles for $4.00 and it wipes shiny clean. …Your work is awesome, you are good at this!

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