PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 4: Software


How does the software on the Xbox One stack up to the PS4?
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For episode 4 of my PS4 vs Xbox One console comparison I take a look at the software including the New Xbox One Experience, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One with gameplay from Fallout 3, media features such as Bluray, DVD and CD support along with streaming video from Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and playing back local USB media, Kinect vs PlayStation Camera, the PS2 emulator for the PlayStation 4, Remote Play for the PS Vita along with streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC and PSN vs Xbox Live.

Digital Foundry PS2 game emulator for PS4:

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23 thoughts on “PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 4: Software”

  1. Xbox has a better user interface? That's a lie cuz they have to go threw 3 different ui changes and they can't get it right

  2. just wanted to point out but alot of games can go online without playstation plus whereas nearly all games need xbox live membership so playstation is better

  3. To be honest, the PS4 Slim is what you should buy. Its a little bit better than the Normal PS4 and its a solid device. To conclude, if want to spend a cheaper amount of money, go for Xbox 1s, but if you have some more, buy the PS4 Slim.

  4. I think Austin is the only person ever to say that the Xbox One has a better UI than the PS4. The Xbox UI is clunky and not user friendly whereas the PS4 is perfectly laid out and much faster. Plus Austin left out alot of features in this video, particularly for the PS4. I think that he gave the win to the Xbox One just so that in the final part they would be tied…

  5. I use windows to game occasionally with an Xbox one controller, but I would never buy an Xbox one. All the games that it has are also mostly there in steam for much cheaper. PS4 has many exclusive games, but I still wouldn't spend $400 for just one or two games the PS4 has which pc doesn't

    Basically Detroit become human, the last of us, heavy rain, lost 2 souIs, God of war, spider Man, uncharted, and the superb sixaxis dual shock 4.

    Otherwise I'd just be rocking an emulator when it comes out in the next 20 years

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