Learning PARKOUR?! (Beauty Trippin)


Part Ninja, Part Gymnast, Part Mario Bro… Parkour may be our most intense Beauty Trip yet! Watch Ryland & Joslyn vault, bounce and freerun their hearts out. If you live in Southern California & want to try this out, head on over to Tempest Academy:

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47 thoughts on “Learning PARKOUR?! (Beauty Trippin)”

  1. lol im dying when joslyn said "your WEENIS is really stuck in my face " i just cant im literally crying in laughter hahahaha

  2. I just found this video under 2 months ago and now I have watched it like 5 times I love Josland (as a friendship, becouse Shyland is so cute and true)

  3. Jaws if you we’re running away from an alligator and had to do the vault you would not make it sorry

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