Personal Fitness Tips : How to Bench Correctly to Get a Big Chest

chest press

Benching works to create a big chest only if you do it correctly for that purpose by employing the proper form and not just lots of weight. Brush up your benching technique with this free video on personal fitness tips.

Expert: Billy Beck III
Bio: Personal trainer Billy Beck III has received many professional honors in recognition of his training skills. He owns BB3 Training Center in Weston, Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Now you can learn how to develop bigger wrists and pecs, stronger hamstrings, thicker triceps, a flatter stomach and other useful personal fitness tips, with or without the use of weights or other exercise equipment. A professional fitness trainer shows you the ropes in this free video series.


38 thoughts on “Personal Fitness Tips : How to Bench Correctly to Get a Big Chest”

  1. hmm i started bench 2 weeks ago. and ive been flaring my arms out 90 degrees which people tell me is wrong. But it does seem to stretch the chest area more.

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  5. I am no expert but doing lifting for years almost daily probably with only a few minor injuries which I can't even recall the last time I had any problem. Here is my two cents if I may: If you're going to do heavy bench press, make sure you have elbows more tucked in in order to reduce any unnecessary stress on your shoulder joints. If you think you could give more expansion to your chest muscles by stretching them through keeping elbows a little outward, then do it with reduced and controllable amount of weight in slower motion so you increase tension on your muscles. without any injury on your shoulder joints.

  6. I barley could bench the bar alone I just started the gym last week and I’m a little discouraged about it smh

  7. that if you want injury on your shoulder joint..lightweight no problem..all kind of problems came when you lift heavy with bad form

  8. A man who doesn't have a big chest telling people how to get a big chest ….hmmmm…okay ..i guess

  9. Yo i need help. I just started weight lifting a week ago. I bench 85lbs, when doing them i can’t finish a set, i max out at 6 to 7 reps per 3 sets. So what should i do? Should i increase the sets? I’ve heard that you should do 3 sets of 12? I really have no idea, so your help would be much appreciated.

  10. I always do warm ups first like push ups but not my max just a little also great video hopefully I get bigger chest

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