Matcha Roll Cake Recipe (Green Tea Swiss Roll) | Cooking with Dog

This Matcha Roll Cake uses simple ingredients but the sponge cake is light and fluffy.

How to Make Matcha Roll Cake

(26x36cm / 10¼x14¼ inch sheet)
4 Egg Whites
40g Granulated Sugar (1.4 oz)
4 Egg Yolks
40g Granulated Sugar (1.4 oz)
40g Cake Flour (1.4 oz)
1 tbsp Matcha-Green Tea Powder
120ml Whipping Cream with 35% fat (4 fl oz)
1 tbsp Granulated Sugar for whipped cream
120g Anko-Sweet Bean Paste (4.2 oz)
80g Sweetened Azuki Beans (2.8 oz)
Powdered sugar

Baking Sheet: 26x36cm / 10¼x14¼ in
Thin Kraft or Bakery Paper

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Make a green tea roll cake. The material is simple but the fabric is fluffy. The combination of green tea, red beans and fresh cream is very delicious.

How to make matcha roll cake

For one material (top plate size: 26 x 36 cm)
Egg white: 4
Granulated sugar: 40g
Yolk: 4
Granulated sugar: 40g
Light flour: 40g
Matcha: Large 1
Fresh cream (milk fat 35%): 120ml
Granulated sugar: Large 1 (for fresh cream)
Ann: 120g (reduce if commercially available)
Azuki boiled (commercially available): 80g
Powdered sugar
Laying paper: thin kraft paper

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20 thoughts on “Matcha Roll Cake Recipe (Green Tea Swiss Roll) | Cooking with Dog”

  1. My friends really like Matcha a lot! I am going to try this recipe today (I already tried the cocoa swiss roll based on it). Really want to make a Matcha Crepe Cake for her birthday in April. Is there any possibility for you to pose one video about how to make a matcha crepe cake?

  2. I've try this yesterday and it turned out to be perfect ! It wasn't too sweet, so delicious ! The only thing that went wrong was the amount of cream is not enough. Still delicious tho 😋

  3. Wow! I don’t think I ever good at baking. Thank you so much for your instructions. Everything turned out great by your recipe.

  4. So many anime foods in this channel I'm gonna cryyyy.. this one's the one that andoh makes😅😅
    and another one I watched, the choux… from yumeiro patissiere too😅😅😅 IWANNABAKENOW.

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