PlayStation 4 Teardown (Nothing left out)


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The Playstation 4 is a little hard to get into the first time. The one plate can definitely give you some trouble the first time. Be sure to take your time as to not damage the touch buttons for eject and power. If you need to replace the optical drive (dvd reader) then you must trade the original daughter board over. If your problem is not listed under the first link send it in to us via our 1$ diagnostic and we will examine and quote you on your repair.—–


3 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Teardown (Nothing left out)”

  1. Do u repair electronics worldwide or just stateside.. As I have a broken ps4 to repair Sony asking to much money to fix and I just lost my job so money tight so could you give a price the laser needs to be replaced it plays DVDs but won't read blu Rays so it could be cheaper to send it to you guys for repair as there are no local electronic repair guys near me that repair play stations

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