The 21 Day Mental Diet | Brian Tracy


The best habit you can develop is to start every day in a thoughtful, productive way that sets you up for greater success in the hours ahead.

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46 thoughts on “The 21 Day Mental Diet | Brian Tracy”

  1. .
    Very valid today – this does not change no matter what the year is
    PersonallY I use do a list every night & put in order of importtance…

  2. Brian Tracy!!!

    So Sorry that I am a Deaf woman and 30years old.

    Please need English Subtitles this video.

    Today in evening I bought ( Tamil translation of) " Change Your Thinking Change Your life" By Bruan Tracy.

    This year january One day I went to Chennai Book fair.

    But I saw the book. I did not yet buy it. Because My Negative Think power trouples a lot for 28years. My hard life is bit.

    I am learning a lot from Prabhu Deaf Motivational Sign language Youtube for ALTERNATIVE THINKING this years.

    I love Your best Book. Better your best married Family unlike me. I want to remarry to my closeclassmate. I am waiting for his answer.

    I am reading your Outstanding book from now very slowly.

    But My Reading skills are bit hard.

    All is well.

    Thanks for watching

  3. Thanks for sharing your wisdom; treasuring our talents is indeed the first step to victory…all glory to God in the name of Jesus Christ, who receives my 'golden hour':) daily.

  4. 21 Day Mental Diet-whole world will change
    1. Rise 2 hours early before you have to be somewhere-invest 1st golden hour for yourself
    2. Read inspirational 30-60 min
    3. Morning reading
    4. 10-15 Goals writing in present tense
    5. Write To do lists, priority
    6. Complete the major task first
    7. Listen to educational
    8. Sense of urgency, move fast, don’t waste time
    Thank you!

  5. Brian, thank you for this Video. I enjoy it. But I don’t understand why you suggest that when we write our goals we don’t refer back to the previous day. Can you please explain the rationale. Thanks, William.

  6. When Brian said 1: Wake up two hours before you have to be somewhere, it reminded me of when The Rock said he wakes up 4 hours before his call time. which gives him a chance to do cardio, than eat breakfast, than hit the gym before he starts his day!

  7. It may seem funny what I write on spiral notebook everyday – 'I m self-disciplined like BRIAN TRACY'
    Thankyou sir, you are the greatest mentor i ve ever seen.

  8. I don't understand what he means by write then rewrite the goals. Rewrite them without referring back to the goals you write before. So what if my goal is to get a new house, next day i cant write that goal down again, i have to come up with new goals which are different? But my main goal is to still get the house. so that goal never goes back on my list? Im confused.

  9. 1.) Arise each morning at least 2 hours before you have to be somewhere and invest the first golden hour in yourself and in your mind. If you exercise physically, do it BEFORE you exercise mentally.
    2.) Before you read the news, turn on the TV or radio, take 30-60 minutes to read something educational, inspirational, or motivational. Make sure it is positive and consistent with the life you want to lead and the day you want to have.
    3.) Write the top 10-15 goals as if you have already achieved them. Rewrite your goals every morning WITHOUT referring back to what you wrote the day before.
    4.) Make a list of everything you have to do for the day. Reprioritize them by importance and value. Decide on doing the number one task first before the smaller ones.
    5.) Begin to work immediately on that number one task until it is done. This will start to put you in the state of flow to do other things efficiently.
    6.) Listen to educational audio programs as you are driving or moving around.
    7.) Get a sense of urgency, pick up the pace, move quickly from task to the other, don’t waste time.

  10. 21 Day Mental Diet by Brian Tracy
    1. Rise 2 hours early before you have to be somewhere-invest 1st golden hour for yourself
    2. Read inspirational 30-60 min in morning reading
    3. 10-15 Goals writing in present tense
    4. Write To do lists, priority
    5. Complete the major task first
    6. Listen to educational
    7. Sense of urgency, move fast, don’t waste time

  11. I'm in amazing shape, and I've suddenly been filled with an incredible drive lately. I'm buzzing inside with happiness. And my dreams seem to just come closer and closer everyday.

  12. Somebody elaborate more on Brian's last point regarding urgency. I really suck at that part as of now. Switching tasks takes time for me.

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